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05 Apr 2021 14:55:59
Some of the reactions, on other sites, towards Davis have been quite hateful . I can't honestly see why, some fans dislike the kid so much . He's as strong as a Bull, got pace and bullies Centre Halves, Yesterday he showed, using his pace and strength closing players down and setting up Ollie . We have to come up with something different, playing Davis and Ollie, could be the answer . Would certainly take some of the pressure of Ollie. People say about his lack of goals, Give him the chance up front with Ollie, Jack and Maginn behind and I bet he ups his stats . Never know if we don't try .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

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05 Apr 2021 15:12:46
Listen to Ollies interview after the game yesterday, tells you everything you need to know about how the squad feels about Davis. They love him, selfless, works hard, gets thrown on in the worst situations and puts himself about whether it’s working for him or now.

His celebration after getting the assist yesterday was quality, celebrating in front of the holte more or less on his own, as if it meant everything to him!

He needs a run of games, preferably somewhere like Preston where they’ll be less pressure but he’ll still get service. If he finds his shooting boots his the complete package.

05 Apr 2021 15:55:18
Why not start by giving him a run of games with us until the end of the season. People go on about his scoring record but he’s only going to stand a chance of scoring goals if he’s on the pitch. For the 9 Premier league appearances he’s made this season, he’s actually played for the grand total of 158 minutes. That equates to less than 2 full games. Tell me, when Ollie goes 3 or 4 games without scoring, does anybody bat an eyelid?
Give the lad a chance, he might just deliver, and if he doesn’t, then yes a loan out to the likes of Preston might be the best option.

05 Apr 2021 16:41:34
Mark totally agree absolutely nothing to lose especially as it looks like Wes is unfortunately an extremely unlucky guy, who probably won't now feature anytime soon. Liverpool is a free hit to start him alongside Ollie and if Jack plays we could see something different to what has currently been served up, no brainer to me.

05 Apr 2021 17:13:36
I’d love us to give him a run mark, I really like him, but unfortunately when he has a bad game or makes a mistake, the knives are straight out and a high percentage of the people wanting him to play now, will be saying he’s useless and we need to sell him. It’s always been the way. For example, some saying they want to see him now, were naming him on a list of players that aren’t good enough and need to be sold in the summer🤷‍♂️

Hence why I think if he’s out on loan, still at a decent level, he hasn’t got that pressure, so can find his form out of the spotlight and away from what can be toxic support.

05 Apr 2021 17:42:20
Football is all about pressure, and handling it isn’t it Chris.
I’m sure Keinan would be able to cope with any criticism coming his way, if he knew that might be the price for getting some starts. He will know how fickle certain sections of the fan base are, and that it only takes one good performance to change people’s opinions.
His efforts and celebration yesterday suggested to me that he’s determined to prove people wrong.

05 Apr 2021 18:09:30
Mark let's give the guy a run, absolutely nothing to lose. Many footballers have difficulty getting the fans onside, best example I can remember Juan Pablo, and the rest is history . if it doesn't work at least give the guy a fair crack of the whip.

05 Apr 2021 18:12:07
Hopefully he’s given the chance to👍.

05 Apr 2021 19:18:11
I’d like to see at some point toward the end of the season, Davis and Barry on the pitch at the same time, would be like Gary Thompson and (a fit) Gary Shaw 👍🏻




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