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01 Apr 2021 10:14:22
So jack has turned around and said " If we don't qualify for Eurooe he's leaving" Cheers Jack.

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01 Apr 2021 11:06:11
Believe nothing and trust nobody, on this April fools day 😁
So just like any other day really πŸ˜‚.

01 Apr 2021 11:31:04
You got me Mark.

01 Apr 2021 11:45:27
Nice try though mate πŸ‘πŸ˜.

01 Apr 2021 16:21:13
10/ 10 for effort, you got meπŸ‘πŸ˜‚.

01 Apr 2021 19:35:58
Call me picky, but if you're going to pretend to quote Grealish, make sure the quote says 'I'm leaving' and not 'he's leaving' πŸ™‚.

01 Apr 2021 20:30:58
Thank you for pointing that out Dave I will make sure that I will check for you next time. Just for the record aswell Dave it was a joke and I was at work not that I should justify what I was doing or am I being picky?

01 Apr 2021 20:52:43
Nothing wrong with the terminology Dave.
Daz has said, and I quote "Jack has turned round and said, if we we don`t qualify for Europe he is leaving"
No apology needed Daz, perfectly legible to me mate.

01 Apr 2021 22:50:38
Guys I was just mucking around! 😊 I honestly thought that was obvious but I'm sorry if it was not. No hard feelings. I was genuinely kidding guys.

01 Apr 2021 22:57:09
Actually Dave Grealish would say "I" and not "he", as he would have been talking about himself, but as I said I was just having some banter. I never even considered that it could be taken any other way. I have no beef with anyone here. Sorry.

02 Apr 2021 07:19:59
Jack’s from Solihull, he would actually have said β€˜one will be leaving what wot. ’


02 Apr 2021 12:14:38
Agree in that context Dave, but in this case it is Daz who is telling us what was said, and Daz said Grealish had said he would leave. πŸ‘πŸ˜‚.

02 Apr 2021 13:33:29
All very interesting.
Always new that AVFC supporters were edificated to an i level but this meks it a cert for universeity chalenge.
This post as corsed more input than anythink latly
Whos right an whos wrong I dunno but its bin gud fun.

Old phrase. "Many a true word spoken in jest. "

02 Apr 2021 14:17:47
Great Oldvillan, I love it mate, its brill ain`t it.
Hope yow and your dearest are all well, and that your wife is getting back to full fitness.

02 Apr 2021 16:43:14
Ay mate, we're alroight.
Er tonges werkin so ers appy.
Me too jabs dun but keepin out the way of the buggers frum the smoke who are ruinin our town.

Dave, you and yours stay safe and if we are still here in a few years time perhaps we will celebrate the big trophy.

Now a totally true story for you.
I turned down a ticket for the Euro cup final as each game I went to that season Villa lost,
Still got the programme with the programme from Arsenal when we won the First division.
How bloody stupid can you get.
My mate floated home and told me I missed a great game.
I watched on tele, another mate recorded it on Betamax, and when we scored I ran into the garden shouting and Mrs Ov asked who had scored.
Betamax, now that's a story.
Never watched the video as we all went VHS. It is still in its box, unviewed.
Now couldn't watch, we might lose!

02 Apr 2021 17:01:19
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ love it.
Yow tek cair mite.

02 Apr 2021 17:54:19
Will du son.



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