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23 Mar 2021 15:54:25
I am not asking for miracles or anything like that, all I want is good steady progress, odd blips can and will happen, but trends are different, so I am well and truly with Scotty and Whacky, who I think have made some honest and unbiased observations about the team we are all passionate about, but in doing so we have attracted some very negative reactions.
Just to make it clear, I have already said on here several times, that we have made huge strides over the past couple of years, and would love Deano to stay and succeed. (BUT)
Yes I agree we might be ahead of our goal, but we will be behind our goal if we keep doing what we are doing, nobody in their right mind can disagree with that surely, so different approaches, plans, systems etc call it what you like, need to be used.
I said weeks ago, that we are starting to show signs that all is not right, and that we appear to be going backwards, and contrary to what some are saying, that has proved to be the case.
I still think its a good job we had such a great start to the season, because from here on it is going to be a rough ride to the seasons end, and I still think we will finish nearer the bottom than the top (trust me I hope I am wrong)
Its very clear that some don`t agree, and that is fine its your opinion.
So please don`t label me as a doom and gloom merchant, or have any doubt about my loyalty for Villa, it is for that very reason I have been raising these points.
If I think we have had a bad game, and certain players have not performed, I will say so and if asked, I will explain my reasons why I think we were poor, I see it as it is, not as some people want me to see it.
I agree with Scotty and Whacky plus a few others, if you are happy with things as they are, then wonderful, I will not try and convince you otherwise, enjoy it.
Having said all that, nobody will convince me that as it stands, we are anywhere near European standard.
With Jack in the side we were functioning very well, that all started to wane and problems became evident, and without him we have become impotent and one dimensional, opposing teams worked all this out months ago.
I am also allowed to change my mind, as we all are, and that needs to be remembered, if we start to perform like we did early season, then its happy days.

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23 Mar 2021 19:27:15
I don’t think anyone is happy when we play poorly and lose but when people overreact and start banging the deano out drum, so to speak, then people get annoyed about the over the top reactions and feel the need to defend Deanos record. if was just a debate about what people feel like what could be done better in terms of shape, formations, starting XIs then fair play. but when it goes straight to deano out is the only option, then surely you should be expecting people have a strong view against this and the need to defend deano and his record, 😆.

23 Mar 2021 19:46:40
Pricey, if you take your mind back 8 weeks, that`s when we started this debate, about the starting eleven.
We were talking about our midfield being in effective, and our overplaying in the final third, plus lack of support for Watkins.
But we were slated for picking up on these points.
Nothing overreacting about that, just picking up on points that some people were either dismissing or failing to see.

23 Mar 2021 20:20:37
I think one of the main differences this season is even when our performances have been average to poor we have picked up points. We haven’t really looked the same since the restart following the CV outbreak in the squad.
However despite the poor form in that period we have in fact won 4, drawn 3, and lost 6 and gained 15 points.
Ok, nothing to shout home about, but this is our poorest form of the season, so hardly disastrous. That point ratio per game for a whole season would have given us a season total of 44 points, but I reiterate that’s calculated on our poorest form of the season. Last season that would have given us a13th place finish in the league table.
So what I’m saying here is, even when we’re playing our poorest, it’s still more productive than last season.
Last season when we played poorly, we lost, end of.
For me we’ve been shafted by the CV outbreak, the team lost their momentum and their energy levels. If every team in the league had suffered the same outbreak, we might be looking at a different picture now.

23 Mar 2021 23:20:39
Hardly slated. I’ve posted about wanting slight changes to system and personnel, that’s not what I’m on about, it’s the leaping from wanting to see that to pretty much wanting deano out which just seems bit over reactive. irrespective if we are in bottom half of table at end of this season but comfortably safe from relegation, that’s an improvement. so gives deano a chance to grow the team/ squad depth again before next season to have a better chance of cracking the top half and establishing us as a top half team. also under his leadership he’s helped to improve players, yeah some are out of form, and a couple might be duds, but on the whole he seems to of brought quite a few on, points at good man management and hopefully with that player loyalty so gives us more chance of keeping our better players. why would you want to risk that potential growth by getting an unknown over someone who’s done all asked of him.



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