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21 Mar 2021 22:03:15
Well, just what did we learn tonight?
The players on the pitch all seem lazy. I don't mean they don't run, they just don't run in the right direction.
Players fail to put themselves into position to help players distribute the ball.
There is a failure to own the ball, too frequently due to poor first touch players lose the ball.
Without Grealish they look lost boys in a fog.
If he goes next season who could blame him?
We should already have a replacement in the house but NO, we have nothing.
Who was the lad that went to Coventry? He decided that they were more appealing than Villa Park.
Its not just missing Jack.
We don't have a pitch leader, a fighter who wants to win every ball.
We have some very nice chaps who look quite handsome with big smiles.
We don't have the miserable git who demands more. One who would kick his grandma if needed.
This year we are safe but other teams that we get measured against look like passing us during the run in.
Lets not be another Sheff Utd, that's all too easy.
Lets be like Man City and strive for the top not mediocrity.

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22 Mar 2021 08:05:44
O’Hare is the answer, haven’t heard that one in a while, cheered me right up on a Monday morning😂.

22 Mar 2021 08:14:21
Oldvillain, what we learnt tonight is that we are lacking in many areas. We have lost the ability to attack at pace, quick incisive passing from front to back. We casually play across the back, dink it in to midfield and then pass it back. Backwards and sideways is how we are playing now. That coupled with the fact that we have some very average players who can't play that way shows our true ability. Good teams need good players and players who can work round losing the star player. I'm afraid that we have too many who are just average. As much as I have reservations about Barkley, he must be wondering how can he not get in that side. The whole midfield is lethargic, Ollie is running round like a headless chicken, Trez is championship at best, Traore is half hearted. I could go on. What I'd like to see for the rest of the season is some young blood put in, Barry, Bidace, Chumba, lads who want to show what they've got.

22 Mar 2021 14:15:43
Old Villain, exactly what I said months ago, there ain’t a trophy for ‘nicest group f fellas’ or dare I say it ‘honest bunch of lads’ our back 4 is sound, it’s what’s in front of it that worries me, we need a younger version of Scott Brown, nasty, does his job and passes to a player with more technical ability, Luiz is not that man, neither is Nakamba, McGinn is playing doggo right now but is being played out of position imo. So for me, a midfield general is needed, McGinn to the left, Grealish to the right then any combo of 2 wingers and a centre forward, 1 winger and 2 centre forwards, a winger, a No10 and a striker, there's 3 options for our attack, if we want to change things up, Jack could be the No10 too. So summer shopping list for me is a proper defensive mid, Isaac Hayden for me if the barcodes go down or Dier if that’s a deal that’s possible, Milik who’s got a get out clause of €12M at end of the season (shoulda gone for him in Jan but hey ho 🙄) and even though he’s been getting some hate on here, Raschica is obviously a ruthless character, don’t have to like him, all I/ we should care about is winning, Mary Poppins ain’t going to get us trophies and European football


22 Mar 2021 21:20:25
The players haven't at all been 'lazy'. There been a clear amount of effort but don't confuse laziness with lack of ability on the day. It's easy to call players lazy but that's definitely not the case.



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