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21 Mar 2021 21:44:03
Two stupid mistakes and we lose 2-0, this is the premier league, that's going to happen.

Entire front three were awful, people like to give Watkins an easy ride because he does work hard and has had good spells this season, but he's been awful the last 3 or 4 games, and every time the camera goes to him after he's miss controlled it or been caught on his heels, he's moaning at everyone else.

Sanson failed to control a simple ball twice, no pace or spin, the easiest of pass and the first time he gave it away the second he had to commit a foul as his second touch. People were screaming for him for months on here, even making up ridiculous BS about Smith not liking foreign players. There's your answer, that's why he hasn't been trusted to play. He was very good against Wolves, but he hasn't pulled up any trees in his sub appearances and today he was woeful. Let that be a lesson that the coaches paid tons who see these players day in day out, may know who's who and who should be starting.

This system clearly doesn't work with Grealish, so it needs to change. I've been Davis biggest critic at times but today in 10 minutes he did more than any of the other three, he deserves his chance.

Losing to Spurs, due to two individual mistakes, whilst having decent spells of possession in there final third, and a few decent chances (Targett, Barkley), but the performance of the front three and for most parts the midfield was really poor, a few good passages of play but on the whole no fluidity and no creativity.

Only positives from today are Konsa, we are very lucky to have him, Brilliant centre back. Targett, still in decent form, only player who had any success against Moira. And Davis actually looking like a footballer, Smith needs to give him a chance, either with Watkins or in place of him.

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21 Mar 2021 21:52:31
👏🏻💯 great post. summed it up perfectly for me!

21 Mar 2021 22:07:57
Pretty fair assessment there Chris and agreed on Davis, looked lively when he came on and if ever our attack needed a fresh face or two and a few new ideas/ options then its now. I know a lot of people don't rate Davis but as you say, in 12 minutes he offered more than other regulars have done in the last month.
Trezeguet has had plenty of opportunities now but is just a headless chicken. Watkins works hard but with him running the channels and being isolated offers very little. and his confidence is clearly low too. Other than our defensive unit we have a lot of players out of form at once and of course we miss Jack massively, but the ups and downs in form are pretty much what you get with a mid table team I suppose.
We've discussed in previous weeks, but I hope our owners have been watching this and are ready to make upgrades to our attack this summer.

21 Mar 2021 22:11:17
Cheers Pricey👍.

21 Mar 2021 22:16:18
We never looked like scoring Chris that’s the worst part, we got a luck deflection against Newcastle and our brilliant defence couldn’t see it out for 10 mins, I want to see Davis play alongside Watkins this formation is getting us nowhere, even before jacks injury we were playing rubbish but I do think he was carrying a knock, I’d love to think dean is just being careful with jack and he’ll be back straight after the break but we can’t believe him for a minute, even with jack back we will struggle to score goals cause we set up so defensive, for me I would drop maginn and Doug and bring in Davis (or Wesley if fit) and nakamba, 1 midfielder playing defensively should be enough and let this brilliant defence of ours earn their plaudits. Ollie is starting to look so frustrated up there on his own he needs help and he needs to be getting the ball much closer to goal, or else play him on the wing cause our wingers are 2 of the worst in the league, agree on Davis he looked like he was causing more problems in the few mins he got than the others done all game but I do think we need someone better than him. sanson is not any better than Conor and at least Conor scored goals, I think Conor gave us more than Barkley or sanson to be honest.

22 Mar 2021 09:37:02
Chris are you serious about Davis? The guy will never be a Premier league footballer. He may have stood out last night but that was as much to with the mediocrity around him on the night. He has one good 10 minute showing and you're advocating playing him alongside or even in place of Watkins?
Bring back Andy Lochhead!

22 Mar 2021 12:50:55
Watkins has 3 poor 90 minute showings and he’s still a shoe in for the next game? As you’ve said he stood out amongst the others, so on what planet would you not give him a chance, on your very own logic? Or do you want to keep playing the same players who have been mediocre for weeks and expect something different?

As I said I’ve been his biggest critic, but yesterday he did more in 10 minutes than the front three did the entire game. So with it being as bleak as it is, yes I am saying give him a go, we have F all to lose.

22 Mar 2021 14:42:29
JD3/ Chris, love the passion fellas.
I think the problem is we don’t have any options. Davis might as well be given an opportunity, even a dead cat bounces, but he really is second rate in this league so nobody should expect him to suddenly be the answer. Watkins probably needs a rest. The running and chasing down of defenders must be taking it’s toll and is almost certainly a factor in his below par performances over the last 5 or 6 games.
Maybe go 3-5-2 for a couple of games. Watkins/ Davis upfront.
We’ve done exceptionally well this season with some great results and managed to bloody a few so called big club noses. Let’s not lose sight of that.



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