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20 Mar 2021 09:41:10
If MCFC come with £100m+ will we actually sell Jack Grealish and will he be happy to leave his AVFC?
Have we any player in the club that can take over from Jack?
With the sort of money we can expect who is there that we can buy?
Is Rasica a good fit? He is reported to be close to signing for AVFC.
Across the leagues are there young talented players that we could bring in and improve?
Jack has proved that we need him and that he is almost indispensable but we have to find a replacement.
Could we be really cheeky and go for Madison as he is probably the nearest to Jack?
I am sure that many of you are able to identify players from lower league teams that could do the job.
Harrison from MC is one that springs to mind. Benrahima, Raphina are others. All would cost a lot as if you have mega money clubs will ask mega money.
I know a lot on here follow the game across the globe, so, where are we going to find Jacks replacement?

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20 Mar 2021 10:47:13
Some on here would of took half of that last summer, funny how much can change in a relatively short space of time.

I don’t think any of the players you have mentioned are either the same calibre or play the same role. Maddison is probably the closest in terms of level but he doesn’t play left wing, factor in that one he’ll be playing champions league football and two every chance he gets he shouts about how he’s a Cov lad and a Cov fan etc. So what would bring him to Villa?

Harrison - 27 Games - 6 Goals - 4 Assists
Raphina - 23 Games - 5 Goals - 5 Assists

Grealish - 22 Games - 6 Goals - 10 Assists

Selling Grealish leaves a huge hole that would be near impossible to fill, I said it last year and not many agreed, this year he’s gone up another level, only strengthens my point that we shouldn’t be selling him for any amount of money. The manager and the owners clearly know this, with the contracts etc he’s signed and being offered. Obviously European football is harder to turn down for him as each year passes but should we sell him, the owners would want astronomical money.

20 Mar 2021 11:16:36
I agree don’t sell him but if someone comes in for him with a chance to win trophies and triple his wages we can’t blame him if he wants to go!

20 Mar 2021 11:37:45
If it was to happen. we would never replace him directly but spread the cost on more, so maybe some like Todd cantwell, lookman and loftus-cheek. no like for like replacement but hopefully combination of all 3 could help to fill the void?

20 Mar 2021 12:11:53
IF Grealish were sold for that sort of money there's 2 ways to look at things-
1 with the fee and existing transfer funds we could realistically buy 2-3 top quality players that would improve the team overall and stop us being labelled a "one man team "
2 the existing top notch players we have ie Martinez, Konsa etc may look at his departure, the massive hole he would leave, and decide to be tempted elsewhere.
Obviously hoping this doesn't happen and we can add those quality signings that could realistically take us to the next level alongside Jack.
That being said IF he did leave it would be interesting to see what he could do managed by Pep and having world class players around him tho would rather see the same scenario at the villa (obviously minus the Pep equation, tho we can dream 😁)
It'll be an interesting summer.

20 Mar 2021 13:13:09
Immediate Champions League football guaranteed with a team capable of winning it, particularly with Jack in the side, will I think be too much to resist. Jack will be 26 going into next season, he will probably have 3 or 4 peak years, he is surely going to want to be playing in the biggest club competition in the world during those peak years. He is guaranteed that at City, it is a possibility at Villa, but that’s all it is. If the right offer comes in ( 100 million ) and Jack wants to go and test himself at those levels, I think the owners will take a pragmatic approach and allow him to leave.

20 Mar 2021 13:23:23
You don’t get to where they are letting your biggest assists go to your competitors and strengthen them significantly.

Two years ago it was a done deal Grealish to a regular top 4 side competing at the highest level. New owners came in and point blank refused to entertain the rapidly increasing offers from said team.

I can’t see this stance changing, judging from what they’ve done at Villa so far, and their history with the Bucks and in particular their handling of Giannis.

If he were to leave, it would be begrudgingly from the owners point of view, with the deal being most likely astronomical.

20 Mar 2021 20:55:33
I think your right Chris, absolutely no pressure to sell, owners will look at the last 5 games in particular and see what we are like without him, like you I think it would have to be a crazy amount for them to sell, I’m talking 150 million, he signed a new deal he’s tied down simple as. having jack in the team in my opinion is like having an extra player in games, and what’s more I think if we are to sell him we couldn’t be in the market for value for money signings we would have to buy a super star or 2 and money would disappear quiet quickly if of coarse we could convince them to join us. someone mentioned rachica above, he’s dirt he’s having a terrible season he’s not got a good attitude and he didn’t want us last year, I see no chance of that happening and if it does happen he won’t improve us 1 bit. we need to try buy a few players that find themselves on the fringes at big clubs like Martinez for example, we need a 30 goal striker before we can consider selling jack and being able to cope without him imo.

21 Mar 2021 09:44:34
The one single, biggest, reason we won't be able to replace him is he's a Villa fan. Loves the club and gives 100% everytime he wears the shirt.
An imported superstar talent just won't have that connection with the club and therefore won't be anywhere near what Jack does.
Fans will find it easier to criticise someone not considered to be one of their own.



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