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08 Mar 2021 12:09:17
The Barkley question will not go away.
Why does Smith continue to include him in the matchday squad?
It is pretty obvious that he is lacking in the Prem ability. He looks like he wants to be a star but fails to shine. Some players need/ want special attention, adulation from all around them. They don't believe that they have to pay the bill before getting the treatment they desire.
Smith seems to want him which is worrying to fans who see what they see not what the manager sees.
On his current performance level he is at best lower championship, not even near the top players. For himself this must be a huge concern as if AVFC fail to keep him Chelsea won't want him. Tuchel is a hard task master but Barkley is more a soft centre who seldom runs.
Undoubtedly his finest game was against Liverpool but on the night we exposed their soft underbelly, others have since done the same.
If we don't sign him where will he go?
That question we cannot hope to answer so it is up to Barkley to pull his finger out and earn his place.
Final question.
Is it in the agreement with Chelsea that Smith includes him in his matchday squad if fit or even worse has to play him if fit and that is why he either gets subbed or comes on late in the game so as to honour the agreement?

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08 Mar 2021 13:34:08
I think the question is more likely to go away if you stop posting the question ;)
Barkley is struggling for form, Smith has seen that and taken him out of the starting 11.

08 Mar 2021 14:22:28
Dont remember ever asking the question previously. : (.

08 Mar 2021 15:56:47
Sure we're all losing patience but he's still a quality player. People loved him a few months ago before his injury.

08 Mar 2021 16:47:05
Good point Dave, I think removing him from the first 11 is the right thing to do. Removal from the whole match day squad seems OTT.

08 Mar 2021 19:29:59
Let's see what fight Ross has in his locker, he can surely affect his future either at Villa or any other team that might take him, by showing the quality he obviously thinks he has. He must be aware of fans current feelings for his recent performances, given the chance Ross please show us why you were once in the England set up.

08 Mar 2021 19:30:35
We need players with ability and a good work ethic.
Barkley has shown at times he has the first requirement but he fails miserably with the second.
Chris you mentioned the distance he covers in games, all I can say to that is, you hardly ever see him break out of a jog, and you can cover a lot of miles jogging for 90 minutes.

08 Mar 2021 19:39:27
He’s not keeping anyone better out of the squad, he’s not being good enough to start but who else do we have in that position that would be an improvement for the bench, also we’re paying his wages so I’m sure smith wants at least some of his money’s worth, for now I’m in agreement that his place is on the bench, maybe when jack comes back he will improve but I won’t hold my breath.

08 Mar 2021 20:14:20
I agree you can Mark, but very rarely does it put you in the top 2 if the rest of the team are sprinting. He gets about the pitch as much as we need him to, nine times out of ten he is where you want him for an attacking midfielder, both when we have the ball and when we don’t. His issue is he isn’t doing anything when he is there, he isn’t effecting the game in spite of his effort not because of a lack of it. Nothing is coming off for him, up until recently he was still trying to be creative but in his last few performances before he was dropped he just played completely within himself, no creative spark or any attempt to be creative.

As whatattack has put, he isn’t keeping anyone better out of the team. So on the bench hoping he can find form coming on for the last 15 here and there is the best place if we don’t want the sandals to come out and the season to grind to a complete halt.



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