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05 Mar 2021 07:30:55
Some people on here should be ashamed of themselves just because we are having a bad run of form you throw your toys out the prams embarrasing.1 person only posts when we lose another person hasn't got a scooby doo about football and another who I thought had a bit of sense about them is jumping on the doom and gloom wagon. May I ask where did you expect us to finish this season? And also may I ask why would you want to break up our management team when clearly it's working? May I also ask what do you want in life? And finally may I ask are you really Villa fans? Because after what we've been through the last 5 years I serious much doubt it embarrasing you ought to be ashamed of yourself Grrrrr.

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05 Mar 2021 08:36:57
I feel your frustration Gaz.

05 Mar 2021 08:36:37
Villadaz. If you had offered me mid table at the start of the season I would have taken it. I think the problem lies in the fact that we all like to believe we are better than we are. That's not to say we aren't a decent side but our results against the lower teams hasn't been that great. I think this is where the frustration comes from for a lot of us fans. To beat Leeds away and get a sniff of Europe, to then lose to Sheff Utd sums us up at the moment. A lack of consistency when we all want that little bit more. This project we are on could take another three years to get to where we would like to be, but that doesn't stop us all dreaming of better. We have to be steady in going forward, look at Sheff Utd, last season to this, but also look at West Ham, last season to this. That shows it can go either way. Patience I think is the word for now.

05 Mar 2021 10:40:46
My frustration lies at the fact with the strange season that's in it could have had European football easy, if we had of beaten Sheffield United we went above Liverpool with a game in hand, klopp said last night that making top 4 for them is going to be hard now after there loss, Look at the position we would have been in
It's like we rushed to get to safety points and then just pressed pause we have gone from playing quick passing quick counter attacking football to slow huff and puff football
And I do understand we a big C.V. outbreak in the squad and maybe this has affected players fitness
But so has loaning out the likes of Freddie and Connor we are a weaker squad now than before the January window
The only thing elmo brings to the is his crossing against Sheffield it was shocking (the dingles will have a field day down that side)
I don't want to be to harsh on Ramsey I know he will cover more ground than Connor but going forward he is isn't given us anything but to his credit he never shy's away from the ball (hope he comes good)
Nobody here wants the club to stop progressing we need to moving forward, By moving forward players have to work hard have a winning mentality
Deano next change in the middle of park should be mcginn, he has changed everybody else to try fleshing things up it hasn't worked, mcginn needs to be dropped for a game or so his passing crossing was brutal he has been constantly giving away the ball for weeks now, he looks over weight or either his Jersey is a size to small for him 😉
Either way this will be a season to remember we smashed Liverpool& arsenal we need to keep moving forward we have taking our small steps and now we move on to big steps.

05 Mar 2021 11:41:08
IV by far and away the best post on this thread, you don't seem "embarrassed or ashamed", like many of us you definitely you shouldn't be. Highlighting weakness and shortcomings is all part of the progression process, doesn't mean we are stupid, callous or uncaring, we are partisan fans who care dearly about our club. I just wish those who don't agree with other peoples opinions stop resorting to patronising insults, this is not the correct way to behave in a sporting forum that offers so many varying views which will obviously not suit or agree with everyone.

05 Mar 2021 15:21:47
Well said Scotty and IrishV, 100% agree.

Chris, I have got to ask, do you have some sort of Log or dossier of threads on here, because you seem to take great pleasure in trying to make someone look foolish by digging up old quotes and making derogatory remarks.
This is not the first time this sort of thing has happened is it.
I explained my feelings about Terry and because you disagree, you proceed in bringing up things I have said before.
Firstly I don`t tell you at every opportunity how straight down the line I am, “I said I try to be honest”
And true my motto is find the problem and fix it, what`s wrong with that?
I have never said I am a body language expert, you have miss interpreted my explanation and said that.
You also said I sound disrespectful, I am not disrespectful at all mate, he was a great C/ B but that`s it for me.
Judging by your remarks, You don`t like Sanson or Nakamba, I have accepted that so I move on, all I ask is that people are given a fair chance to settle and adjust.
So please accept my opinion on topics discussed, don`t keep pecking and niggling away, looking for a way to trip someone up, or to change their minds.
You bring up some good points, some not so good, just like we all do.
Like Scotty has said, we should stop resorting to patronising insults.

05 Mar 2021 16:42:59
Sorry Dave, I shouldn’t have said that, I apologise, you don’t deserve it.

My point was that with everything you post, you back it up with something real, something factual that can’t be disputed. So when you said it was his “demeanour” that made you want the club to get rid of him, something didn’t add up. But if that’s what your saying makes you think that then fair enough, it just didn’t seem in line with your usual explanations of things. And getting rid of someone for me, is quite a big thing, so doing it on a judgement of their demeanour is probably why I mentioned it not tying in with the way you say you are. But we move on, I apologise.

As for the the log or dossier (😂), just a good memory, but I agree, I do bring up what people have said, Because for me, your word is your bond, but it’s not the case anymore, in modern society and especially on here, there’s posters who talk absolute dribble, consistently make up “facts” and events to back up poor arguments, yet when they are proven wrong, or literally fact checked and found out, there’s no consequence there’s no dignity. Give it a week and they are back on here with more rubbish, as if they haven’t just been proven to know the square root of FA. This is largely why I made a point of acknowledging the fact that you have consistently admitted when you’ve been wrong Dave, the whole time I’ve been on here, but unfortunately you are very much in the minority.

05 Mar 2021 16:58:46
Thank you for that Chris, I appreciate it, we move on 👍.

05 Mar 2021 17:09:54
No worries Dave, hopefully now I’ve explain my personality and values a bit you can see why I get a bit niggly at times, I’ll try to reign it in a bit😂.

05 Mar 2021 17:43:20
That`s fine mate, I love Villa just like you do mate, and I have also been very partisan in the past, I still am if talking with aliens 😂but amongst ourselves tend to be more critical.

06 Mar 2021 05:38:54
Chris? Do you know any decent ceramic tilers? Thierry Henry needs the floor doing in his kitchen extension in Shirley. 😜


06 Mar 2021 08:38:03



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