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03 Mar 2021 20:34:36
First of all I think some credit should go to Sheffield Utd for a good hard fought effort, and a performance that found us out yet again.
If anyone on here can honestly say they are happy with that performance, then I am lost for words.
If you are going to make any sort of impact in this league, you must be able to evaluate what needs to be done, and do it, don`t stand there spitting on the floor every 30 seconds.
Decisions again were not quick enough, wrong team, and wrong tactics, seen through the eyes of someone wearing very clear glasses.

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03 Mar 2021 20:50:27
Agree completely Dave, I don’t know what part he was happy with that made him delay changing it. we are the worst team at playing against 10 men that I’ve ever seen, Sheffield done tonight what we done to arsenal and Southampton, so disappointed at the lack of effort that we put into trying to beat a player, seems none of them can dribble, we are so lucky to have jack. I hope it’s a lesson to the guys calling for his head when he had his off field discretions earlier in the season.

03 Mar 2021 21:14:22
Overly happy? Of course not. Content that on the whole we took control of the game and had a few very clear cut chances? Yes. Disappointed with the final result? Definitely. Calling for doom and gloom? Don't be ridiculous.

03 Mar 2021 21:23:43
Sheffield did defend well Dave, but we made it far too easy for them. The standard of the crossing was particularly poor, either not clearing the first defender or lofted into air far too close to the keeper. I felt that McGinn was the worst culprit for that. I also think that if we were going to use the tactic of getting the ball into the box from all angles, it would have made more sense to have put Davis on earlier instead of 10 minutes from the end. At least have somebody in the box who might be able to out muscle them a bit. It was a disappointing performance, but let’s just hope we can put a much better one in on Saturday against our dear neighbours.

03 Mar 2021 21:30:13
We should fold I reckon RK.

03 Mar 2021 21:45:37
I am not ridiculous mate, and who is calling for doom and gloom, its not been mentioned.
Honesty and a realisation of problems is not difficult is it.
That is how I see it, you are not a better fan than I am just because you see nothing but wonder.

You will still be classed as a Villa fan if you speak the truth, why try and paper over the cracks that are there to see.
I am very happy where we are, BUT we are now starting to struggling.
We must be the only team that could play against 10 men every week, have 5 games in hand and still throw it away.
That is what I am witnessing at the moment.

03 Mar 2021 21:56:39
I wonder why I stuck around sometimes but with how work life is right now, this is somehow less stressful!

03 Mar 2021 23:25:04
Disappointing performance tonight, especially the first half which was painful at times. too many players passing the buck and not taking responsibility or doing the basics. especially in the final third. Agree with those that were frustrated with not changing things up quickly enough tonight. as soon as they went down to 10 Davis should've been on to occupy their two centre backs.
We shouldn't get too low when we hit a bit of bad form, just as we shouldn't have unrealistic expectations of top 4 after a few wins. We're lucky enough to have a handful of very good players and the rest are mid table players at best, so our form is bound to be up and down. All managers have bad games just as players do, nothing wrong with sharing frustrations but it should be balanced. It's hardly unheard of for a team to dig in, frustrate and hold on to a lead after going down to 10 men and credit to Sheffield United for doing it very well.
We played a blinder against the 10 men of Palace earlier in the season, it didn't work out tonight. Until we get better players in to support the few top level players we have, we're going to have nights like this, but Smith still has a lot of credit in the bank considering how he's guided us so far, let's just hope the club kick on in the summer.

04 Mar 2021 06:23:27
Seriously mate, we're not City. You asked for a better performance where we kept hold of the ball and that's what we got.
It wasn't perfect but we had multiple fluffed chances while they scored with the only half chance they had.
We win games deliberately conceding possession, you don't like it. We lose games dominating possession, you don't like it.
We need to play to our strengths which is the counter attack and hell to the whiners.
We can compare ourselves and style of play to the top 4 when we've spent their level of money.



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