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25 Feb 2021 08:53:14
Hi Ed's and Villians hope and trust you are all well. Well I haven't posted in a while due to my mental health taking a right battering but with a good support network around me I have come out the other side again for how long god knows. I have been trying to read some posts but fortunately I scroll past the negative ones as I couldn't take it I just want to point out a few things if I may before I'm locked up again. Firstly and I don't want to upset people here as this is not my intention but do you remember when you was younger and you went to a sweet shop your dear old mom and dad would buy you sweets? But do you remember the 1st time they said NO? You would kick and scream like a spoilt brat well this is just like what's happening now we had the best start to a season in a long time and now the wheels have come off slightly a lot of villians are having a tantrum not just on here but Twitter Facebook etc etc. Come on lads and lasses let's embrace that we are in the PL again let's face it there are more established teams that are doing far worse than us. Right I'm off been summoned take care all and be lucky.

{Ed002's Note - I am pleased to hear you have come through your issues Daz and welcome back.}

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25 Feb 2021 10:39:57
Totally agree. We would have been delighted to be where we are at the beginning of the season. Fans' expectations constantly change, based on results, so I understand some negativity but we must remember not long ago we were struggling in the Championship and yet look at us now. I think the only think that makes me anxious to get good results ASAP is that we need to keep up at the top end of the table to keep hold of Jack and/ or attract better players to the club. Strike whilst the iron's hot because things can quickly unravel.

25 Feb 2021 10:45:36
Glad your doing well Daz! I think you’ve summarised things quite well there, and quite amusingly😂

How far we’ve come from the team of last season, and the team that was sitting what 15th in the championship about 2 and a half years ago, it really is astounding!

25 Feb 2021 11:56:17
Good to see you’re back on the site Daz, and glad to hear you’ve got to grips with your problems.
Regarding the Villa, hopefully the good performances and wins are just around the corner mate, 3 points on Saturday would definitely cheer us all up👍.

25 Feb 2021 14:38:12
Hi Daz, pleased to hear you are getting on top of things mate.
I posted a few days ago, asking if you and Oldvillan were both ok.
Glad you are back with us mate.

{Ed077's Note - pleased to hear you are doing better now villadaz.}

25 Feb 2021 14:53:32
Welcome back daz 👊 3 wins and a draw from our next 6 games is what I’m hoping for, we had a great start probably over performed, that said we need to see out the season in better form than we had since Xmas or our options in the transfer market won’t be as good as we had hoped for, I have faith in the players but dean needs to shake it up or we risk a nose dive down the table and that will have knock on effects at the start of next season, much like Sheffield since the restart after last years lockdown they have being terrible, I’m not worried about this year it’s looking ahead that has me worried, it’s all about progress and we have made loads so we either need to keep making progress or at least hold our own from the point we are at right now.

25 Feb 2021 15:11:38
Thanks all I'm only allowed my phone 3 hours a day for now so I tend to split it down so I can have a hour here and there I know that sounds childish but I was in a very dark place. i'm getting better my depression will always be with me I know that but sometimes it's so hard to express how I feel talking to people does help but explaining it to someone who don't understand it is very hard. But life goes on and so will I. My doc always asks what do you think triggered it off I know what did but I say to him Villa losing to Blues 2 seasons on the trot done it lol. Again many thanks to you all keep your chins up guys and gals pubs will be open soon and in the words of the captain on Hill Street Blues be careful out there.

25 Feb 2021 15:41:32
My favourite tv show Daz, and also one of my treasured sayings.
It was Sgt Phil Daz, briefed his department every morning, and always finished with that wonderful advice, "Lets Be Careful Out There".
How good does that make you feel.

25 Feb 2021 16:44:25
glad you're ok Daz, depression can be a bitch! . Suffered with it myself and I find not taking anything and myself too seriously helps but we're all different and what works for one may not for others. Try and keep your sense of humour (difficult i know supporting the villa at times 😁) and don't let the b######s grind you down 👍💪.



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