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21 Feb 2021 16:56:25
EDS, to save a few of us time after the weekend games can you rerun last weeks posts, because they will be virtually the same. We all know the definition of insanity, doing the same thing and expect different results, Deano you are guilty as charged. You must changes things or your credibility will be seriously challenged. Luis Barkley Elghazi have to go. Nakamba Sansom Ramsey have to start, Mcginn if he plays has to be pushed forward or don't play him. Performances are really poor and have been for the last six games. We all want Deano to do well, he is one of our own, but so was Lampard and managers are critically and often unfairly judged, however Deano deserves critism at the moment and this should hopefully get him to reflect and change things.

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21 Feb 2021 17:37:39
If you was in charge would you sack Smith, scotty?

21 Feb 2021 17:49:18
"reflect and change things" is what I am saying absolutely no mention of sack. If any manager doesn't address weakness, poor play, poor team selection over a period of time then their position must be judged, we are not there at the moment, not to say we could be eventually.

21 Feb 2021 18:29:26
No saying you was suggesting to sack him, just asking a question.

Here’s another, at the start of the season, where would you have been happy with finishing in the table?

21 Feb 2021 19:31:29
I judge the season on performance and entertainment not entirely final league position, its a combination. I watch football to be entertained and not how high we finish and until the last month Villa ticked this box, I looked forward to the games. So what's changed and what's been done to address the change, I'm not seeing anything positive that makes me think it's just a minor blip, I think it needs surgery, so Chris anywhere between 12th and eighth would be acceptable.

21 Feb 2021 20:21:30
Acceptable or a good season?

And surgery sounds major, like change the manager major.

21 Feb 2021 20:47:29
I am exactly the same Scotty, I judge on the duration of a season.
That is why I was always prepared to give Managers and Players alike, the time to settle and adjust, without being critical.
Deano, has worked wonders with the team, but the question has to be asked, has he got nous to chop and change the side, to achieve a better system, style, etc.
I personally fear not, and I get the feeling he lacks what makes a good Manager into a great Manager.
We have been found out, and teams know we play to a system and stick to that system at all costs.
If Deano makes a change, nine times out out of ten, it will be like for like, so the opposition don`t need to change a thing.
We need to learn from these poor team and player performances, and do something about them, and as Scotty has said it may be surgery.

21 Feb 2021 20:50:49
Out of interest aswell Scott, you say you watch football to be entertained, what kept you watching throughout the championship years before Smith came in? Because there was quite literally no style, no entertainment, no viewing pleasure so to speak.

21 Feb 2021 20:51:13
So what has changed Scot? I have a theory that it is linked with the C.V. episode. Whilst that is no excuse for DS not changing the team around it is noticeable how our performances dropped around that time.

21 Feb 2021 22:59:43
I don’t believe for a second it’s cv related, from the first minute of a game we are not closing down, we are giving to much space and not being afforded any in return, we have one problem and that’s our midfield! our keeper, defence and Ollie are the only players playing the same way we were before Christmas, Dean thinks we can just sit back and soak up pressure but we can’t just give teams the ball and say come at us, nothing is going to change until he changes the system in midfield, we shouldn’t need 2 defending midfielders it’s way to negative, it was a mistake not getting another striker even if it was a loan, we are 1 dimensional and our midfield is gone lazy, the only thing that makes sense is that dean wants us to play defensively cause if they were not doing what he wanted he would change it, we have gone from being 1 of the best teams to watch this year to being the most boring, if he can’t see that then he’s not fit to take us forward.

22 Feb 2021 06:58:37
Maybe not closing down from minute 1 is to conserve energy levels due to reduced capacity (and therefore is cv related) .
Until Ross pushes the press with Olly then the other midfielders don't have a choice but to hold back otherwise teams will just completely bypass the lot of them.

22 Feb 2021 08:19:03
I think our biggest problem is lack of rotation lads, at the begining of the season were were defending from the front, pressing high and harassing defenders. That has all but disappeared recently, we have a distinct lack of energy, the players look tired.

Smith has to take some of the blame for this, I love the guy and I'm not advocating sacking him but we have to accept the dip in performance lately most likely lies at his door - The reluctance to freshen up the team, make substitutions and play players into form (Barkley) will eventually catch up on us. I think it's ok to be critical of a manager without calling for his head, does this gap in Smiths skills develop as the team (bench) gets stronger? I'm sure it does personally but for now he needs to re-evaluate his 11 for Leeds and freshen up the team, Ramsey and Sanson should start for me, we need more energy in the centre of the park.



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