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13 Feb 2021 20:29:22
What is up with mgginn he's been awfull so far.

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13 Feb 2021 20:43:07
Apart from Martinez I think the whole team has mate can’t string any passes together hope second half is better let’s not hope it’s any worse.

13 Feb 2021 20:49:24
Let's face it- Barkley is f#####g bone idle 🤬.

13 Feb 2021 20:54:21
If Sanson doesn’t get a chance tonight, I don’t think he ever will, Barkley and McGinn have been particularly dreadful.

13 Feb 2021 20:54:44
No midfield, shocking.
Over the top and its coming straight back, again.
This is the fourth game like this.

13 Feb 2021 20:59:03
Barkley and traore worst players on the pitch, jack needs to start tracking back. a lazy performance so far by most of the team, this is where I’m talking about that dean needs to be more ruthless, it’s only a matter of time till we are 2 nil down if he changes nothing.

13 Feb 2021 21:02:49
I'm with you Dave, this isn't one off, we are to easy to stop. Needs a rethink, no point having Ollie just chasing defenders.

13 Feb 2021 21:04:02
Spot on Dave, performances of late have being dropping big time although we have got some results, big effort needed second half I really hope sanson gets on soon.

13 Feb 2021 22:05:30
If I was Ollie I would be so annoyed. Does all of the running of 2 yet gets no back up.
I forgot Jack was on the pitch 2nd half.

Giving the ball away like it was on fire.

13 Feb 2021 22:15:42
When Ross first came along he took the heat off Jack. Gave us something else. Bit like McGinnis used to do but lately he’s not been doing that. We are quite a defensive side witth the two defensive midfielders.



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