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13 Feb 2021 13:57:41
Brighton home record is abysmal, however I have watched most of their recent game's and they are well organised and play some good football I think it will be a tough game. Couple of things around team selection, whilst Marvelous doesn't have Dougies touch I think he is better defensively so I think Marvelous will start. If Sansom was ever going to start he would have played from the bench against Arsenal, so I think it will be the same starting line up as last Saturday. I don't know but wonder if there is possibly a clause in Barkley's contract if he is fit he plays, if this is the case I can't see Sansom starting anytime soon, which is disappointing for both him and us fans. I think we will nick a win today, Ollie is looking good so I expect him to continue his scoring streak.

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13 Feb 2021 14:20:43
There is no such clause in his contract, what kind of manager would let another club in the same league dictate that in all fairness.

13 Feb 2021 15:28:20
Yeah not a chance there’s such clause, he’s playing because he’s part of our strongest 11, and has played well for the most part.

13 Feb 2021 16:39:00
"not a chance such clause" I suggest you guys do a bit of research, Liverpool have insisted on such a clause on numerous occasions in the past.

13 Feb 2021 17:32:46
Provide examples?

Liverpool have recalled players from loan deals in the past, due to lack of playing time. But that is quite different to having clauses that force teams to field loan players dependant on their fitness. Are you sure your not getting confused?

{Ed001's Note - we have done so and other teams have done so too. There is usually a penalty fee to be paid if they do not play.}

13 Feb 2021 17:32:48
So if those clauses were known about back then why wouldn’t we know about it if it was the case in this instance, such clauses may be inserted if players are being loaned down to the championship where clubs are desperate but we are no such club in my opinion.

13 Feb 2021 18:12:08
Just so I’m 100% Ed, the clauses are recall clauses dependant on play time, not clauses that force teams to play the loan player if they are fit?

{Ed001's Note - so long as both sides agree they can be either. Or at least it used to be allowable, unless they have changed the rules recently.}

13 Feb 2021 18:27:04
Personally I agree with Scotty, and would of thought, the parent club can put any clause they want into a loan contract.
After all he is a Chelsea player, and they hold the reins.

13 Feb 2021 18:38:04
Chris why do you constantly try and contradict facts, Ed has made it clear that clubs have used clauses, get over it.

13 Feb 2021 18:48:10
They own the player though, not the club loaning them. So surely have 0 control over starting x11’s etc, that sounds a bit exploitative.

I’ve never heard of it, just googled it, but as you can imagine the wording of trying to find that sort of thing is a bit all over the shop😂 top result was the uefa rule that let's a loan player play against their parent club if both teams agree, miles off what I wanted😂.

{Ed001's Note - it comes down to how badly the team wants the player. If they want him badly enough they will agree to clauses like that as they fully intend to pick him every time anyway.}

13 Feb 2021 18:57:55
Been saying this for ages. Clauses like this do exist and may be just one of the reasons we managed to get him in the 1st place. If he's looking to push for a Euro place surely he'd want some guarantee of playing time? Could also explain the long delay in his return from injury, we were playing well without him and with Deano not really liking changes we may of deliberately held him back. 🤔.

13 Feb 2021 19:14:52
A good shout that is Moose.

13 Feb 2021 19:26:13
Think you’ve jumped the gun massively Scott. I haven’t tried to contradict anything, just tried to engage in decent conversation on an interesting subject, something you seem incapable of. Your a little bit precious aren’t you.

13 Feb 2021 19:58:43
Good shout Moose re his long return!



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