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06 Feb 2021 17:17:26
Mark, my understanding is that French players are every bit as fit as any European team, is that generally the case. I'm trying to understand why Sansom is not being considered, he should have the fitness levels and if has the quality that was written in the press he should at least get a run out. Its not as though our midfield has been performing over the last half a dozen games. I'm baffled. Moyes got Lingard, who had no match time and put him straight in. Sansom's confidence will be dented before he gets chance to esblish himself. It was well documented that Hourihane went to see Deano when Ramsey was ahead of him in the pecking order, I just find the situation strange.

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06 Feb 2021 17:44:00
I’m as flummoxed as you are Scotty. As far as I’m aware he’s not carrying an injury of any description, and if he isn’t he should be in the team, or should have at least been a part of a strategy of rotation for what’s been 6 intensive games in the space of 18 days.

06 Feb 2021 18:44:46
Could it be that although Dean`o appears a very likable person, he may have a side to him that we never see.
I mean, "my way or the highway"

06 Feb 2021 20:10:07
Maybe Deano’s a massive sex pest and Sanson hasn’t let him have his way with him yet.

06 Feb 2021 20:31:58
Or maybe he doesn’t like the French, he sent Guilbert packing after all🤔.

06 Feb 2021 20:35:43
Or could it just be he likes a settled side as has been the case all season and he doesn't feel he's gelled with the team enough yet.

06 Feb 2021 20:51:32
Barkley has the photos, that's why he keeps getting picked 😁.

06 Feb 2021 21:46:06
😂😂😂😂 love it.

06 Feb 2021 21:47:59
I was surprised not to see sanson get a run, maginn gave the ball away an awful lot today, I thought marvellous done well coming in, I don’t have to many gripes about today, arsenal were always going to come after us, today was about putting right our attitude from mid week, I thought we had the way better chances throughout the game, they pressed hard but they never really bombarded us, if we play with the same attitude against Brighton I’m sure we will take the 3 points. I’m hoping that the full week between games will benefit Barkley and maginn, we need to get them back to where they were if he’s going to keep starting them every game.

06 Feb 2021 22:16:51
Maybe deanos in a romance with his Mrs and only signed him so they could be together. A modern day love story❤️.

07 Feb 2021 00:15:47
Or maybe Terry is😂😂 he does love a good blues wag😂😂.

07 Feb 2021 11:50:14
All plausible guys, let's wait for the Daily Star to flush the story out.

07 Feb 2021 12:05:00
It may be that bad it'll take DynoRod 🤔😂😂😂.



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