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06 Feb 2021 07:27:19
Morning fellas, was reading some earlier posts about how we're doing and the talk around Barklay, and in general about team positivity, and most on here are okay with the transfer window, I just thought I'd raise a quick question and see what you think, all teams are built on a solid defence and ours is holding its own with lady luck on our side sometimes, (as with every team you could say), but I was a bit shocked we never bought a striker in the window, Josh king went to Everton for about 4-5 million I believe, we were prepared to pay 25 million plus in the summer, so how come we didn't chase that one? -some on here will say we don't need him or our style of play won't suit him, so why didn't we look at other available options to buy or loan, big Sam has brought in Diagne from Galatasaray and he looks good, why aren't we doing the same?, the reason I say this is because we have Only 3 official strikers, Watkins, doing well but but new to the premier league so adjusting admirably but not as proficient as he should be yet, Davis is listed;has all the attributes but if your honest, he'll only ever shine in the championship when he's not injured, and finally we have Traore, to me he's not a striker but an attacking winger and new to the league, so as far as I'm concerned we have no striker whose an established player in this league with experience, if Watkins doesn't play we're Donald Ducked, we have 1 game plan which we stick too, Graeme Potter first realised how to stop us and how susceptible we are to the ball over the top, Brighton kept Jack under manners and the game was theirs, and still we did not adapt, look at West Ham the other night, keep Jack quite, Watkins is showing signs of being weary, no one stepped up and Soucek, who for me is miles better than Douggie mopped up our bad possession, scored one and kept our midfield subdued, some on here say it's a blip I hope their right, but if the opposition are cracking your game plan, and you have no option B, if your relying on 1 striker to get the lions share of goals, whose still learning the league (and doing it very well indeed), and you have no experienced back up for him, with the greatest of respect to Deano, does that not smack of at best, optimum optimism, and at worst for me being naive and derelict in his duty for our club-now I know we're almost safe and for that I'm grateful, and need due to others chipping in (El Ghazi for example) it's been tops, but now he's gone off the bubble, Traore is being played in differing roles and teams will start dabbling up on Jack and Barklay, unless Mcginn discovers his shooting boots then all our eggs are in one basket, and like I say, if Watkins isn't playing, who do we turn to?, so for the great things we've done so far this season, and the fact the club have been bigging up the bargain price we paid for Sanson, how come we didn't apply that logic to Josh King? last summer Deano believed our style of play would suit his game, we have not changed our style, so not that then, did Everton have inside track? -i don't think so, his agent would have made it known he was available as to get the best deal (and of course his big fat commission ) so not that I don't think, so there's also the Brazilian free agent we wanted, nothing has happened there so far, so what are we to make of the signals being sent out? -everyone has an opinion rightly so, but I think that window was used to bring in a midfielder to replace Douggie who'll be off in the summer for sure, and that's fair enough, but I think it's pretty daft not to have brought in another experienced striker, even if it's a short term loan, we're good at those right!

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06 Feb 2021 08:41:59
Nailed it 82 👍🏻


06 Feb 2021 08:49:00
Jesus Christ that is a long post😂 I got to the point of why didn’t we get in a striker, so I’ll give my view on that. Essentially, because we haven’t needed one, and we don’t want to be wasting money. Ollie is on track to hit 15+ in his first season - that’s brilliant. Plus, take away his goals, what he gives us is so unique that bringing anyone in is a risk, because they would have to be prepared to do the donkey work.

Second point is Wesley, he’s nearly back fully fit. We spent a lot of money on him, and he deserves his chance. People claim he was this and that but look at the team he was playing in, name me sitters that he missed. He was feeding on scraps majority of the season, and still played his part. I for one am really excited to see him back, he knows the premier a bit better now, and is in a much better team!

Finally, we have very good owners, last thing we want to do is piss them off. They are successful business men, they will see that we have spent 15 million plus on a striker, every year since benteke left. That is not sustainable, it is absolutely ridiculous. So personally, I’m glad we never went out and forced a move for someone who probably won’t have worked, just for the sake of it, and to be honest I can’t see a need for a striker in the summer.

06 Feb 2021 09:07:01
Been mulling this over re the doubling up on Jack and Watkins coming up against centre halves decent in the air. The tactical tweak is relatively simple- when your forward is being pretty much dominated in the air (Ogbonna West Ham) instead of inverted wingers, which seems to be the thing, just play them on their natural side. This means with either a wide man or full back overlapping a first time cross, forcing the defenders to be turned around, creates that uncertainty within their defence and allows Ollie, who has the movement more chance of getting on the end of things.
This causes the opposition to rethink their game plan and keeps them on their toes. If they readjust, change back, keep them guessing. It worked well for our goal against West Ham. Too often the play is slowed down as as the winger cuts back on their favoured foot allowing defenders to get set.
Today I'd like to see Jack in the free No10 role instead of Barkley.

06 Feb 2021 09:15:40
An interview with Christian Purslow which I think was reported in the Birmingham Mail basically outlined the clubs approach to this, and I think what will be every January transfer window and para phrasing unless an opportunity comes along which ultimately saves the club money and the individual fits the transfer strategy the club is following then Villa won’t be buying, so Sanson fits the profile King and the Brazilian guy don’t hence we didn’t sign them, let’s not forget we signed Samatha last January admittedly in different circumstances but that didn’t really work for either party. Let’s not forget this years recruitment has been first class and this season is all about consolidation ( but taking any unexpected opportunities that may present themselves) our approach to the summer window must be all about kicking on and acquiring 2 -3 quality signings to take us to the next level one of whom needs to be a striker.

06 Feb 2021 09:59:15
Long post and quickly went into diatribe of "rubbish but lucky".
The one point I will pick up on is "Ollie is expected to get the lions share of the goals". This has never been the case in a Dean Smith side. Maupay had a cracking season but Smiths preference is for the striker to be a nuisance in order to create the space for midfield and wide players to score. He actively avoids the striker being a relied on source of goals.

06 Feb 2021 10:34:01
2 strikers getting 15+ goals = 30+ goals = more points = Trophies. and spot on Moose, wingers on their natural side getting crosses in = goals too, if they have a decent target which Wesley and Ollie are


06 Feb 2021 11:08:17
Josh King has only signed a 6 month contract at Everton, think we were wise not to pursue him when he clearly thinks he's going to get a move to Man Utd. Watkins has just started scoring again so he probably wouldn't have been left out at the moment anyway. Agree that another forward off the bench would be helpful though.



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