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04 Feb 2021 16:15:26
I might be on my own here, but I am going to say it anyway.
This is not a criticism, it`s my own observation of Villa at the moment, I don`t think for one minute I have the answer, but something is not right, consequently last nights showing was absolutely dire.
I have noticed that over the last 2 maybe 3 games, we have lost our way a bit, for whatever reason.

I have become aware that some of our old traits and failings, are becoming very evident again.
In short I think our midfield is not working, we are way of the pace, and seriously lack creativity.
Barkley is settling into his usual pattern of plodding along, he has problems with physical issues, and he is lacking physicality and awareness in his game, and passes go astray, overrated.

McGinn was a big part of our midfield, now he gives the ball away far to often and has lost any offensive qualities he had in the way of goals etc.
El Ghazi had a purple patch on his return as he usually does, but has soon become about as effective as laxative in a bag of cement, nothing more to say him.
Luiz in my eyes is ok, I am sure Sanson could do the job equally as well while offering more going forward.

Grealis is Grealish, a great player that again can not do it all on his own, stop him and unfortunately you stop Aston Villa.
Traore I feel has not had long enough, and Sanson I am sure will soon show us what he can do.
I think all of the above, is why we are again leaking goals, and being made to look very average.

We have again started giving the ball away far too cheaply, we are not breaking down attacks soon enough, lacking a good ball winner in midfield, and our only real creativity comes from one player.
Having said all that, the ball is now starting to come straight back and we are having to defend for long periods, because Watkins has got no support.
All of this was a regular feature of our game, and nearly cost us our place in the Premiership.

We are all putting forward our views on performances of individuals, and indeed the team as a whole, and long may that continue, views and opinions are individual, and should be aired.

Some posters have made some great points, and I agree with some of them 100%.
But for their opinions they get labelled

Chris I will pick up on your point here mate, you make some very good points and you make some iffy ones as well 😂, as we all do, but because someone does not see something as you do, or Joe blogs does, its not precious or childlike, its their opinion, whether we agree or not.
No one is correct all the time, I think we should remember that, so I think it is fair to say, we should hear what they say and accept that we can`t change their opinion.

I have given my account of what I think is happening again, it is my view as a football supporter, and not through a set of claret and blue glasses.
I love everything Aston Villa, and I would support them in any division, I will also critisise something about the club, be it the players, or the Management, if I think it is wrong.
We are definitely going in the right direction, and we are making huge strides forward.

Personally I do not see Barkley as the answer to any problems we have, in fact I think he could be a huge mistake.
I am thinking about your welfare here Jack 👍.

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04 Feb 2021 16:46:44
Fair enough Dave, that’s your point of view and you’ve put it across with evidence. I always understand you point because of that, the evidence, it’s always based on something, and something with relevance at that. Now understanding and agreeing are two different things, we agree on most I think, disagree on some, and what you’ve posted there is the perfect example of how to disagree, without causing offence.

For example the quick direct football debate, I completely understand you point, I just think there’s a lot more than comes into it. We’ve debated it and moved on.

The problem is, some opinions change like the wind with some, and are so reactionary, unfounded and supported by absolute pie in the sky, it’s hard not to sound sarcastic or even a bit condescending. I do try to swerve any sort of response but I can’t help but think it’s these mindless accusations and theories that breed negativity, so try to nip it in the mud.

Compared to what we are used to and the expected progression, we are having a phenomenal season. And baring last night and second half against leeds we have had a team to be proud of week in week out, win lose or draw. That’s the main thing, that’s what we’re all here for, that’s what we’ll all be back down VP for (hopefully soon) .

Win lose or draw hopefully we will have a performance we are used to this season, come Saturday!

04 Feb 2021 17:22:39
Spot on Dave, only thing I’ll add to that is that Martinez on another day woulda kept out 2 of them goals so had a ‘bad game’ would I drop him? No. We seem to lack a plan B like last season. We ain’t going down so I would suggest that once we hit that 40 point mark, even though I think 33/ 34 points would do it, change things up a bit, maybe try 2 up top when Wesley’s fit, so our midfield 3 is going to have to include Grealish and 2 others, imo McGinn and even though we haven’t seen much of him, Sanson so Barkley and Luiz I’d drop. Watkins Wesley Traore up top, win the game then maybe sacrifice Traore to bring on a more sound player defensively. We know Watkins will put a shift in and maybe with Wesley there too the ball won’t be coming back in our half so much. Most teams can copy and paste what Moyes did last night to keep Jack quiet (er) so we definitely need to mix things up, that’s my 10 cents worth


04 Feb 2021 17:49:12
Reading the update from Dean Smith I think Wesley is some way off being fit.

04 Feb 2021 18:08:20
Agree on 2 up top ally, hopefully when we hit the 40 mark Wesley is back fully fit.

442 diamond with Grealish just behind Wes and Watkins would be good to see.

04 Feb 2021 18:58:45
Whilst I must admit I am naturally inclined to go 4-4-2 I can’t see Deano going for it, he didn’t play it at Brentford as far as I can recall, and I think the system he plays with Luiz and McGinn provides additional protection to the back four and I am not sure he has full confidence defensively with a flat back four with no defensive midfielder patrolling in front of them.

04 Feb 2021 19:29:15
That`s just it John, are they providing cover, not at Burnley or last night.

04 Feb 2021 19:32:21
Possibley some of the best posts I have read for a long while in this thread. As mere fans some of the observations and ideas are absolutely spot on. My immediate family are all ardent fans we had a lengthy conversation this morning and we covered and agreed with almost everything Villadave raised. My concern is things will not improve and in my opinion no chance of improving unless things are addressed. If Berkley, Dougie and Mcginn don't work change it now, let's not play it safe. As said relegation is not worth a discussion so look at what we stick with, keeper and back four, Ollie, Jack and work on the best combination of the rest, which will definitely include Sansom Dougie, Mcginn, Traore, hopefully Wes when he is fit. I don't think Berkley will stay and I don't think that is any great loss. We can't bring anyone else in so will have to wait for next season to bring the midfieldes and forwards that will take us to the next level. And again as Dave said this is my view, others may disagree but doesn't mean my views are not sensible and should be dismissed with disdain.

04 Feb 2021 19:54:34
I have to wonder Scott, what makes you concerned things won’t improve? The evidence suggests since smith walked through the door we have gone from strength to strength. We are twice if not more the team we were last season, and 10 fold better than the one Smith took over in the championship. We had tough patches under Smith in the championship, and we had rough patches last season, yet every time we have came out of the other side a much better team.

This is the best villa side we have had in probably a decade. Both in ability and style, and that can surely only be down to the management staff. Look at the individuals who everyone recognises having seemingly improved far beyond what we expected. So, I don’t understand, what makes you concerned “things will not improve”? When as I’ve highlighted, under this regime, given time, they always have done.

Good point Dave about the limited protection McGinn and Dougie have offered in the last two, I completely agree. However I don’t think it is in anyway down to ability, I think it was a tactical switch that hasn’t paid off and should now be reversed. For the majority of the season Dougie has been a 6, and IMO our unsung hero, keeping us ticking, mopping up, and being selfless by letting everyone else attack, whilst he did the dirty work. Watching his game individually against the likes of Arsenal, he was phenomenal, however it won’t be noticed because that’s not what entertains the masses. Last night and vs southampton, we seemed to play both McGinn and Dougie as box to box, it was strange. Neither filled in centrally whilst the other pressed, but instead pressed aswell, hence why we were cut short multiple times. I can only assume that this was the management staff analysing the opponent and seeing southampton on a bad run and wanting to get at them, and looking at our away game against West Ham and wondering how we lost in arguably our best performance of the season😂. Surely Arsenal will see the return of Dougie as the six, McGinn as the 8, and for me, hopefully Sanson as the 10. Keep jack out wide, he always bullies the Arsenal full backs, and get Traore back in.

Another bit of analysis, a lot of the performance last night stemmed from Watkins inability to hold it, something which he has been quality at all season. Two of there goals came straight from his miss control, within 3 passes they had scored. This is something the team obviously weren’t accounting for, due to his brilliant hold up play all season. I hope this isn’t fatigue and just an off night, as his all round game is crucial to the way we play!

04 Feb 2021 20:02:16
I know we have had 2 or 3 bad results but let’s not forget this team put 7 past the champions and 3 past Arsenal at the Emirates not too long ago, they are young and inexperienced and will occasionally get a good hiding but we are a work in progress and I really believe they will get better as a unit given time. I do agree though that we need to make better use of the bench, as some of you have already posted at times some players have seemed out on there feet but for some reason we seem reluctant to make changes and I don’t know why.

04 Feb 2021 20:19:40
My concern is, as the "cut and paste" anology was well made regarding teams copying West Ham and being able to almost completely stifle us, others will easily do the same unless we change things. Sheffield despite their performance last season were found out and looked what's happened. Everyone this time last year waxed lyrical about Sheffield, they were found out and did not change things. To a lesser extent Liverpools performances have fell off, no home league defeats for years then two bottom clubs beat them at home within weeks no coincidence there, Albion also may them struggle. Our current form in terms of results is not a lot different to Liverpool, they like us need to adapt to teams having wised up on how to stop other teams. Liverpool will change things and so should we. My views are as I see it, not right or wrong but honest observations that trouble me if we don't make the necessary changes. I trust Deano to do it but he must be ruthless like many successful managers. Yes this season has been promising I just hope resting on our laurels will not undo the progress we have made.

04 Feb 2021 20:24:19
Again guys more great posts, Chris I can`t talk for scotty, but I
Think he is on the same side of the road I am.
I am all in agreement with most of what you are saying, and yes we have been brilliant and played some of our best football for years, that is why I am picking up on this issue, we don`t want to start going backwards now do we, it needs addressing, with changes.
I think Barkley is one of the main problems to be fair, but that`s another story.
Scotty has raised points about Villa before, and to be fair to him, he is never very far from the cause.

04 Feb 2021 21:44:41
There’s no doubt things need to change from our last two performances, my question was simply why does Scotty think things won’t change, when time after time, when needed to, it has. I wasn’t saying whether your views were right or wrong Scotty, simply asking you to explain it. As I’ve said and provided extensive examples/ evidence of, they have done it time and time again.

Nothing personal, or saying it was right or wrong just wanted to understand that view point. 🤷‍♂️.

04 Feb 2021 21:58:25
I understand what you mean chris, and I am sure you are right things will change, fast I hope. 🙏👍.

04 Feb 2021 22:04:11
Fingers crossed Dave, that being said, to make changes to a largely successful side, will probably be the most difficult of the lot, because it’s the fine tuning.

04 Feb 2021 22:58:34
Cash Konsa Mings Targett


Traore Sanson Grealish Trez


This is what I’d like to see starting at arsenal, I think a start would do trez and his confidence the world of good, if it don’t work out we can bring on maginn and push jack out wide, if it’s going well and trez gets tired I’d give el gazhi athe last 20 mins, I think Barkley needs a rest or simply bring him on for last half hour when arsenal players start to tire a bit, at the moment he needs to have some kind of advantage over the opposition to be effective, he’s sweating a lot after the first 5 mins this past few games, it’s being a very busy time for him to be coming straight back into the first team, I think once we get back to playing once a week we’ll have more energy but it’s getting to the point of the season where we need to use our bench more, we have used the fewest players in the league this season and made the least changes in games and it’s starting to show imo.

04 Feb 2021 23:26:04
Makes sense to me whack.

04 Feb 2021 23:32:07
Following on from what Whackie said (we’ve got a Walkies so why not 😂) about Barkley sweating, I don’t have the medical records but maybe some of the team are still feeling the after effects of having C.V., or the loss of momentum from playing week in week out, just a thought


05 Feb 2021 00:11:38
Quiet possibly ally, hence why I said I think he needs a rest, in hindsight he probably could of benefitted from starting his first few games back coming off the bench, but he looks tired be it fatigue or cv hangover but I don’t think he had cv, not quiet sure what u mean by the loss of momentum? You gain momentum by playing week in week out, it’s when your not playing that u lose momentum.

05 Feb 2021 09:48:31
I am not sure what McGinn has done wrong to deserve to be dropped? I absolutely get why we would look to get Sanson in at the expense of Barkley and that’s fine we need to have a look at him, but if we bring Trez in we are going to be going from having two offensively minded players out wide to having one who is far more defensively minded and given Arsenal will be without Luiz and Leno I am not sure that’s the right approach we saw how soft they were at the Emirates I really believe if we get onto the front foot early they are there for the taking, so I would bring in Sanson for Barkley and leave it at that but I would definitely look to make more use of the bench from the hour mark onwards.

05 Feb 2021 17:50:26
Maginn is 1 of my favourite players so he’s not dropped lightly, he looks tired mate he’s not being as effective of late, he’s playing much more defensive of late (maybe not by choice) my reckoning picking my team was
1. Let’s get a look at sanson,
2. If jack plays central he will be more attack minded than maginn,
3. Trez in for his speed and width (plus confidence boost)
4. 1 holding midfield player should be enough if sanson (a attack and defensive player) is in front of said defensive midfielder.

If we were to have a 2 goal lead somewhere in the second half I’d then take off trez, push jack out wide and get maginn on for fresh legs in last half hour, maybe even get sanson off and stick marvellous in beside Doug, all depends who’s playing well and the score obviously.



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