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03 Feb 2021 22:00:47
That`s a classic lesson tonight, quick direct no messing football.
Leeds did exactly the same to us.
Well played West Ham.

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03 Feb 2021 22:37:39
You like this idea of quick direct football Dave, my question is, if that’s the answer, why doesn’t every team do it? The best teams/ managers in the world on millions and millions yet all teams play differently?

03 Feb 2021 22:57:15
Not saying its the answer chris, I am saying we don`t do it enough.
I was brought up on it, that`s how I played.
It won West Ham the game tonight.

03 Feb 2021 23:40:28
We had a lot of bad performances all over the pitch, I think dean has to take a good deal of the blame, moyes took him to school tonight, I seen a clip where shaky was in his ear pointing out something it looked like he was sharing an idea to change things, while dean was just shaking his head looking completely bewildered he had no idea what to do to try change things, he needs to be more ruthless on the sidelines, if a player ain’t performing get him off fast instead of hoping for the best, after watching the first half marcello beisle would of had 2 fresh players on at half time, like the Burnley game he didn’t act fast enough, same against Leeds, I love him don’t get me wrong but he’s got a lot to learn still about premier league,

04 Feb 2021 07:38:50
Whatattack let’s not try to create stories and dramatise things that aren’t there, as though Shakespeare is pulling the strings and Smith is bewildered. Smith has changed things tactically multiple times this season, in system, Personnel and play style, before games and during. It was a loss, and a bad performance, but let’s have some respect and not try to fabricate story lines.

Dave I know what you mean, but there is a hell of a lot more in it than “quick direct football”, West Ham were quick and direct at time because we allowed them to be. Two of the goals came from horrific touches from Watkins, which presented the ball straight to West Ham, with half our team in attacking positions, meaning we were over loaded. That gave them the chance to be quick and direct. There is so much more into how a team plays in every game, not just overall, that factors into it, they don’t just decide “right we are going to be quick and direct today”, it comes down to opportunity, opponent etc. Otherwise as I hinted at earlier, every team on the planet would just play this way.

04 Feb 2021 09:45:13
Who’s trying to fabricate a story? I never said shaky was pulling the strings, I said dean looked bewildered last night in a clip I seen, tactically he had no answer last night that’s all I’m saying, I’m sure he’ll be the first to admit that he has lots to learn still. by your own words we shouldn’t of won the saints game, so in reality we could of lost the last 5 or 6 on the trot apart from a woeful Newcastle team, a run like that does like Dave says have elements resembling last years team, it’s up to dean to settle them down now and get back to defending properly and try pick up where we left off in December, nobody likes losing Chris but we can’t put in to many performances like that 1 last night or we will have wasted the first half of the season, it’s true we are a work in progress it will take time but we have to keep moving forward not backwards, for me we are slipping a bit lately we’re not playing like we were and my main point is that it’s on deans shoulders to get us ticking again.

04 Feb 2021 11:51:42
Let me get this straight, your basing this argument on “coulds”

We could have signed messi in jan🤷‍♂️

We lost a game, bad performance, we move on. It’s not Eastenders, there’s no story to be had here. Him looking “bewildered” in your opinion, has no bearing on the actual facts. And just seems like an attempt to dramatise things.

04 Feb 2021 14:24:12
Facts are we lost 4 of our last 6, we were lucky enough against Southampton, there are no could’s just facts, another fact is moyes out smarted smith last night and dean didn’t react fast enough, our midfield got overrun last night and every one of us witnessed it, only 1 guy can call the shots at the end of the day, I clearly stated that I love dean smith as our manager, in no way do I think he needs sacking (which would be a horrendous thing to do) I just said he needs to be more ruthlessly on the sideline and act faster going forward when we need to change a game, it’s the premier league u can’t just wait till 80 mins hoping the game changes you got to take it by the scruff and make your move, I don’t know what drama you think I’m trying to create, it’s a page for opinions and I’m sure our owners are not logging in here to see if they need to change our management.



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