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31 Jan 2021 14:21:22
Glad to see yesterday we have learnt to play to the whistle, and ignore the offside flag if needs be. Konsa showed ridiculous pace and awareness to come from nowhere to make a last ditch tackle, when the Lino had flagged for offside. These are the sorts of things we need to be doing so we don't get bit on the arse by these horrific officials.

I said after Man City we should be calling out bad decisions, yesterday we were on the right end of two horrific decisions, but it doesn't change how bad they were.

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31 Jan 2021 14:57:43
I don’t know why people are moaning Chris it’s the rules don’t matter if you are 1mm offside for 1m offside rules are rules. As for the hand ball it comes off his thigh so not a pen. UTV.

31 Jan 2021 15:12:55
Agree utv, just remember both original decisions given by both the referee for the penalty shout and offside by the lino were reviewed and both were correct and in line with the rules, offside is offside wether it is 1mm or 10 yards, and hand ball shall not be given if it strikes a players body then strikes the hand. We won, the decisions were right let's move on, because as sure as eggs are eggs the next decision is likely to go against us.

31 Jan 2021 15:31:41
The rules are wrong. That's the issue. I agree with giving attackers the benefit of the doubt if it takes more than a few seconds to decide. I hate var as much as I normally do following that match. Delighted with the 3 points but just because var went in our favour for once I'd still rather it was removed completely. I hate it.

31 Jan 2021 15:47:34
Well said Dave, it’s attitude like the ones above (the same attitude I used to have) that keeps all clubs suffering at the hands of these useless officials. If we don’t call it out when it benefits us then we can’t moan when it goes against us. The rules are BS, anyone who has been watching football for longer than 5 minutes knows that’s a hand ball. The offside is also BS, what ever happened to give the attacker the benefit of the doubt, had Ings scored with the part of the arm they drew the line from they’d have given it hand ball, it’s complete rubbish. Same thing happened to us with Watkins, and the same people saying “he’s offside” we’re moaning like hell back then, so less hypocrisy, and more honesty please.

Also if you look at the still of the lines they drew, you can still see Cash blue shorts behind the line, so they’ve drawn it from the wrong place.

It went for us yesterday, and has gone against us plenty of times this season. But call it as it is, it’s the only chance we have of getting real change, and getting football back.

31 Jan 2021 15:53:31
Agree I don’t like var but var not the issue last night, both decisions were given by the ref and Lino so var can not be blamed, so take var out of the equation and we probably have maybe 6 points more than we have from Ollie’s disallowed goals.

31 Jan 2021 16:37:33
Whack sums it up in a simple paragraph, no need for war and peace to explain things.

31 Jan 2021 18:13:38
The only reason there was controversy over Ollie West Ham goal is cause he was being fouled, his arm was offside cause he was trying to pull himself away from defender holding him, if was wasn’t a goal then it should of being a peno, maybe he should of went down but we want to see players stay on their feet aswel so what do u do then, one thing we can say is it’s being consistent all season, bamford had 1 almost the same earlier against Crystal Palace I think it was but not sure, huge controversy against city and it was followed by a rule change, hence the farce. Matty gave away a peno in that game, point blank range didn’t move his arm towards the ball but it’s a peno, last night wasn’t the same scenario, some from the Southampton side saying he saved it on the goal line, he wasn’t on the goal line and Martinez was behind him and in cracking shot stopping form so I disagree when they say it was a definite goal, they had plenty of shots from similar positions and couldn’t score over 90 mins, Southampton were very wasteful last night and probably the fault lies with themselves for not getting a result much like our game at Burnley.

31 Jan 2021 20:42:39
Your missing the point, it’s nothing to do with Southampton feeling aggrieved or if they had lots of shots and were wasteful.

Cash moves his hand into the line of the ball following it leaving the Southampton player. Whether it comes of his thigh, foot, head, shoulder, knee or toes, it’s a blatant a penalty as you will ever see. And it’s a shame to see fans sucked into this new game we are being forced into. If you’ve played you know exactly what cash has done there, and if it’s against us your screaming for a pen.

I hope to see you have this same attitude the next time we get a bad decision. Unfortunately this is going to carry on until everyone can call it out, whether the decision is for or against you.

31 Jan 2021 21:51:20
Yep screaming like against man united when Harry maguire handled in the box in the dying minutes and no penalty given, I see your point Chris I’m not missing it, it my book it’s a penalty but in the rule book it’s not and as long as the consistency is there it’s the same for everyone, the hand movement is so slight that it’s only visible in slow motion, another consideration is that he’s not standing square in front of the attacker, the left side of his body is angled away from the ball, and his arm although out from his body it’s also behind him thus at least trying to keep the arm in a safe place while trying to also defend, it may not be the game we grew up watching or playing, rules change in every sport I don’t care as long as the rules are clear and consistently enforced for every team with no big club bias.

31 Jan 2021 23:00:11
Fair enough whatattack, we just need to call everything out and not hide behind these rules they are changing weekly to hide their mistakes!

01 Feb 2021 12:39:40
Yeh I hear ya, this changing of rules that’s blatantly just to cover their mistakes is a joke, it would be 1 thing if they held their hand up and said look we’re sorry this was a mistake but we are closing this loophole or whatever the issue is but they are adamant that no fault will lie with them.



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