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27 Jan 2021 20:44:31
We need a second striker desperately

Davis just isn't good enough, you can see that even in the 5 minutes he had on the pitch.

Twice he chance of good possession in a dangerous area and his touch let us down both times.

Championship level at best.

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27 Jan 2021 20:55:30
His first touch of the game was criminal.

27 Jan 2021 21:23:42
Seems strange to single out a player who came on with just over 2 minutes to go rather than some of the more fundamental flaws with the performance?

27 Jan 2021 22:49:19
I think everybody's natural and initial instinct is too point fingers DBS (mine included) but the simple fact is, these things happen in football - How many times have we seen teams dominate only to lose, it's what makes football great, ok we are on the wrong end of it today but I tell you what, the football we played in that first half was some of the best I've seen from a Villa team in a long long time. We are making strides forward but we will have days like this were things simply don't go our way, we don't have a God given right to win every week. But. I honestly believe we are 5 or 6 players (1 or 2 windows) away from being a very very good side, we need depth in the squad and once that comes we will be a side to be wreakened with.

27 Jan 2021 23:05:00
DBS, absolutely right about the critism of Davis, we know he is not premier quality and was only on as a desperate move chasing a game that should have been comfortable. I Saw too many 5/ 10 performances. The new guy will replace Ross who looks to be struggling. Traore is a luxury that you can't afford when you are up against it. His decision making was poor tonight. Mings still does more good than bad, but it's in his game to be too complacent and errors occur . We learnt a lesson tonight, ease off lose concentrate you will be punished by most teams. Unfortunately we can't play Newcastle every week so we have to take our chances or we will get punished like tonight. Its great to play football from the back however most times it ends up in a back pass and a kick from the keeper, which completely defeats the object. We go again on Saturday and hopefully lessons have been learnt, just remember though we have only won once in recent games and whilst the football generally has been good, we are not in my opinion winning enough games for the us to think we are a serious top eight or better team. Deano will hopefully kick ass after tonight and hopefully get support for ollie.

27 Jan 2021 23:48:36
That’s just it DBS he came on with just a few mins left cause he’s not good enough, if we had a better striker on the bench he’d be on a lot sooner, even switching formations and going 2 up top but he’s not going to get us a goal to win us a game, I would be surprised if he ever scores a premier league goal, when Wesley is back u will see him on a lot sooner mark my words, even being able to bring Wesley on up top and keep Ollie out wide for his pressing and work without the ball would change a game, tonight is not Davis fault in any way we should of had them well finished off but we will be chasing a game against better teams and Davis won’t cut it. if dean trusted him he would get more game time and that says it all.

27 Jan 2021 23:50:24
And last thing I’ll say, if we want to keep jack and Doug we have to win those games like tonight.

28 Jan 2021 10:21:16
I'm not going to go over old ground on the Davis debate, fair enough if you don't rate him, but Smith and the coaching staff clearly think he has something and they know better than anyone on here. My point was more that I just don't see why some Villa fans immediately look to blame a 22 year old striker who was on the pitch for 5 minutes rather than callout the numerous errors made by more senior players. I could even understand asking questions of Smith. should he have taken Barkley/ Traore off sooner, brought Davis on sooner to give him a chance of making an impact etc? But calling out a young Villa player for a 5 minute cameo seems to be missing the point entirely and needlessly hostile towards one of our young up and coming players.

28 Jan 2021 11:16:23
Nobody’s blaming him for last night mate just making observation that he’s not good enough to be a game changer, I think there’s 1 Scenario where he’s useful, that’s when we are winning a game with 10 mins left and we get him on to run down the clock and help bully defenders with his strength when we are trying to keep the ball in their half, he’s a good lad he has a good attitude but 1 can’t argue that he’s good enough to to score goals until in fact he scores some but he don’t, smith don’t rate him enough to have him on the pitch he’s on the bench cause he’s all we have, if Wesley was fit Davis would be out on loan which is what he needs. the fault last night lies with dean imo, didn’t react quick enough and change things, fault also with traore for not tracking back and bad marking in the box, everyone seems to think the same. makes no sense at all to blame a chap that was only on for 5 mins.



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