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24 Jan 2021 16:17:52
We all pretty much know who our 1st choice starting 11 is, I'll put it down regardless
GK Martinez
DEF Mings Konsa Targett Cash
MID Luiz McGinn *Barkley*
FOR Watkins Grealish Traore
On paper that's our strongest team, only Barkley and Traore are where some might disagree. My question is, looking to next summer, name 1-3 players that you think we should buy that would replace ANYONE in that team, players that we could/ should be able to get, I'm not talking back up players, players that would go straight in the team. It's not a test, just a bit of fun, and to see where everybody's head is at. I've got 1 or 2 in mind but I'm going to keep it back till I see what everyone else has to say


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24 Jan 2021 17:02:46
When Sanson plays (I'm sure he hasn't joined to be a bench warmer) anyone got ideas how we will set up. Deano will tell us what a great position to have so much choice, it certainly encourages everyone to up their game, Marvelous, Elghazi and Trez are testament to what competition does, however he will have to keep players happy. Rotation will help, however Deano definitely likes a settled side, so it will be interesting how things pan out. My view for what it's worth I think Ross will be left out if the new guy is as good as the reviews. After yesterday performance I can see Marvelous getting more game time, I actually thought he was as good as Dougie last night. Whatever or who ever, it's certainly good to watch at the moment.

24 Jan 2021 17:19:16
I'd say only Messi, Ronaldo and possibly Van Dijk would be able to force their way into that starting XI or be excellent options from the bench 😁.

24 Jan 2021 17:24:57
I’m thinking Sanson is a replacement for Barkley who we’ll never sign for the £30M that’s been quoted. My post above was more about next season, players we could buy that would be definite starters that would replace any of that sample 11, also assume that none of that 11 will be leaving with the exception of Barkley who’s technically not our player, I’m just interested to see where everyone on here thinks we’re headed


24 Jan 2021 17:26:45

Depends where we finish? If we qualify for Europe then obviously we will look to a higher calibre of player.

24 Jan 2021 17:38:53
Assume we finish in the European places, which is what we should be aiming for. Also assume that none of that 11 will be leaving, not ‘if we sell Jack’ etc. also say we have a budget of between £50-100M, just for arguments sake, spend it on 1-3 players


24 Jan 2021 17:50:58
In that case then Ally I'll just throw in these names, Ings, Abraham, Coady, Podence, Bissouma where they'd fit in and who's place they'd take I really couldn't say but definitely of the calibre we should be looking at but really can't see us being too active in the summer unless there's some outgoings. Even if we just kept the same squad with some of the youngsters getting a bit of exposure I'd be more than happy.

24 Jan 2021 17:58:29
I’d try for Ings, and Tierney and additionally Brooks but not sure my £100 million would stretch that far!

24 Jan 2021 18:14:56
Striker and left back is where I’m looking too, if Sanson is a direct replacement for Barkey, but who am I thinking of. 🤔


24 Jan 2021 18:25:17
I’d really like neto from wolves, creswell from West Ham and ings from Southampton.

24 Jan 2021 18:26:28
Ally, I honestly think that even with a budget of 100 million, if you’re talking about bringing 3 players who would automatically replace any of the current 11, it would be very difficult to achieve. That automatically eliminates players like De Bruyne, Kane, Salah, Mane etc. 😁
Konsa has been brilliant for us this season and another young defender who has impressed me is Wesley Fofana at Leicester. Not that Leicester would be willing to part with him, but him and Konsa at the back could make us even better at the back. Obviously that would have to be at the expense of Tyrone.
As already mentioned, it’s quite possible Sanson could well take Barkley’s role.
I would say either Brooks or Buendia might improve us on the right, but I do really like Traoré, and I’m really not sure that it would be an improvement.
If it were possible to get Fofana and say Brooks, I’m guessing it would cost us in the region of 75-80 million.

24 Jan 2021 18:40:48
You thinking realistic premier league targets or wishful thinking targets Ally?

24 Jan 2021 19:17:38
What about Lewis dunk for mings or and tammy for Watkins and move Watkins on right.

24 Jan 2021 19:25:55
In reply to Moose, I’d say realistic targets. I’ve only got 2 players in mind, assuming that Sanson is a done deal. The 2 players I think realistically we could by, and improve us are Andrea Belotti of Torino No9, and Robin Gosens of Atalanta at left back, I’d hope to get change out of £70M for them both. Milik woulda been my choice at No9 but he’s off to Marseille on loan with a £10.8M agreement to buy, think we’ve missed a trick there. Think both those players are gettable. If Wesley comes back and kills it, I would go for a younger striker with potential but only as a back up to Ollie and Wesley. If we could get Bellotti, he would become a VP legend, and he comes across as a sound grounded bloke too, not a flash git. That’s my 10 cents worth, nice to see some of the other names mentioned, definitely food for thought, Messi and Ronaldinho are a bit too old now Moose. 😜


24 Jan 2021 19:27:33
Or isisco from real, on right, thuran who is a strikerfrom bmg in German league, they would be ambitious signings, I do think we need a higher calibre cb aswell instead of mings, he doesn't do it for me.

24 Jan 2021 19:33:36
Yes Ally can't see them lasting a full 90 😂😂😂😂👍.

24 Jan 2021 19:52:27
Players I’d like to sign are not essentially replacements, jordan amavi to compete with Matty, giroud for when we need to change up tactics with a different kind of striker, podence for me has huge potential to be brilliant, jack Harrison, Declan rice and the Wiley old fox serge Ramos to school our current CB’s, wouldn’t mind Tammy aswel but I wouldn’t swap him for Ollie I think Ollie works harder for the team and is a more genuine sort of lad.

24 Jan 2021 20:37:45
There are some great shouts in here, players that would not only improve us, but also give us options to change system if needs be.

There are also some absolutely rascal shouts, if Sergio Ramos is playing in the claret and blue for Aston Villa next season, I will check myself into a mental asylum😂😂😂

Whilst I get the question was on the basis we finished in the European slots, but we do need to be a realistic. Top 10 is a huge step for us, and still opens us up to much greater quality targets in the transfer market, however it doesn’t suddenly become a question of who do we want. You have to consider each player and their situation individually.

As an example, a few suggestions on here ings, Podence and Rice. Ings playing for the team he supports, as the number nine, having the season of a lifetime, scoring for fun and being linked with champions league sides, it isn’t going to happen is it. Podence would be a great signing, no doubt improve our side however break it down, first of all wolves player so will they want to sell to a rival after a poor season, off the back of two very successful ones. Secondly a Mendes client, everyone knows his relationship with Wolves. This all points to it being dead in the water. Then Rice, look at the teams being linked, chelsea the most heavily, considering he came through their academy, plus a London club, i doubt the decision would take him more than a few seconds. We have to remove the Claret tinted glasses sometimes and be realistic. Anyone who’s been posting on here for some time will tell you I’m very much glass half full, but let’s be realistic.

To me, shouts of Amavi, Tammy, Dunk, Brooks are all realistic. Goosens stands out as a deal that would be a big signing and has half a chance, depending on where Atalanta finish. Without naming names, three positions for me we could make big signings in, are left back, winger and attacking midfield (should we not sign barkley permanently) . Finishing in Europe would no doubt open us up to a much higher talent pool, however a top 10 would be phenomenal progression and an amazing platform to build from for next season.

24 Jan 2021 21:10:51
Can’t disagree with anything that’s been said, only thing I'd add is that we should establish ourselves as a Premier League club that’s not in any danger of going down, and not have to be a selling club because of our owners wealth, and get out of that mindset of buying players with sell on value, buy winners to get us trophies/ Champions League qualification, regardless of age, end of the day, that’s what it’s all about ain’t it?


24 Jan 2021 21:28:36
I'm struggling to think of anyone who would be a genuine upgrade who would be available and come to us. You also need to think about the team dynamic and philosophy we now have.
Possible outside shouts if we do manage to squeeze into Europe would be Coutinho (wages an issue and attitude could be a risk) looking for regular game time or Harrison if City are willing to sell.
I wouldn't look for a striker as a first choice, Ollie is fitting the system perfectly and I can't see anyone fitting as well there.
Central defence is the only other place and with our max age limit I'd only really be tempted by Jack stephens but he's been rocky at times so how much of an upgrade would that be?

24 Jan 2021 21:34:20
Good point RK, maybe just look to improve the squad depth with player who have the potential to force themselves into the first 11. Like Olise.

24 Jan 2021 22:01:03
That would be my route, everyone's improving all the time and still young so if they push us that high they deserve to keep going. Bulking out the squad with genuine competition but 2-4 years younger in each position then gives longer growth potential.
Like any team we want as many top players in each position as possible but the problem then is keeping them happy. Frank is having a hard time at Chelsea because he's having to juggle so many big players that pretty much none of them are settling.

24 Jan 2021 22:18:34
Olise, brooks, Barkley, Henry and then poss Abraham depending on how wesley looks on his return. if he looks like stepping up as our 2nd striker behind Watkins then potentially look for a younger striker then Abraham,

25 Jan 2021 07:08:16
I can't see Abraham coming to be second fiddle when he is guaranteed that spot with Chelsea for at least another year even if Frank goes.
We'd need to look at the best hold up players if we wanted to go down the route of pushing Ollie wide and Tammy doesn't fit that. They are very similar players and Ollie seems to have kicked on more than Tammy the last year or so.



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