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09 Jan 2021 12:02:25
Hail King Louis.
Louis Barry is a key to our future along with several of this group of boys.
Everybody including the pro pundits have raved at the overall performance of the entire team.
Our goal was scored the way we scored 7 when it was man against man. Quick ball through the defenders and a pure finish.
Not sure what Klippity Klopp said after the game but he should have shook the hands of the entire team and congratulated them taking on a 80% prem. team.
There was no shame in this loss everything was a positive.
Hope Smith watched carefully and came away like all of us with big smiles and belief in what we saw.
In 1957 the Man utd team were called the Busby Babes and there average age was about 21. We must of raided the nursery to get these lads!
Well done Young Villans.

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09 Jan 2021 13:28:05
Well we can call them Deanos Diamonds now.

09 Jan 2021 16:12:50
How about Demons?

09 Jan 2021 17:28:33
How did your jab go Oldvillan, painless I hope, did the wife have one as well mate.

09 Jan 2021 17:33:23
Or Dazzlers, Daz 😁.

09 Jan 2021 19:58:12
Hi Dave, ta for asking.
Short queue followed by a few questions about present and past health etc.
Directions about poss after effects. Lots of do and donts.
I must stick to mask, distance etc
Then a sharp scratch and a 15 min wait to ensure no after effects and then home. Only 2 mins to home so all done.
I will get a second jab in 10 weeks to complete the dose.
Unfortunately my wife is a bit younger than me, she has to wait her turn.
Hopefully all the guys on here can get a jab soon.
Please all do as requested stay home. Only go out for essential needs. You know it makes sense. If in doubt the answer is NO!
Our little town is still full of visitors from afar.
Have they got any sense? GRRR.

09 Jan 2021 21:40:04
Glad it all went well for you mate, unfortunately us humans are creatures of habit, and to stop doing what we have all done for years and years, does not come easy.
The classic is wet paint "DO NOT TOUCH", so what do we do πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

10 Jan 2021 13:25:10
Dave, I don't touch. I don't drive the wrong way up a one way street.
Break the habit, it does make sense.
If we want to get back to wandering about without a care, going to VP on a Saturday or whatever day, cuddling your grandchildren or even the girl next door then follow the directions.
I haven't had a cuddle of my little granddaughter, age 7, since we first heard about the C.V.
It is important for families to ensure they all behave. I have had words with my son about his occasional sortie into the outside world. He has listened.

10 Jan 2021 14:06:31
Hello oldvillan, nice to hear of your vax experience.
I still have to wait awhile for my jab as I am 71 in Feb and in group 4. Like you my wife is younger and in group 5.
I too have noticed a lot more people ignoring the rules this time round though we are only venturing out to do our weekly shopping and a short isolated walk each day.



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