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09 Jan 2021 11:09:20
I haven't heard anything but I hope Klopp and maybe Milner/ Henderson went into the lads at full time. Just to give them the props they deserve if anything, it's one thing having the media agitation but would of meant a lot more coming from people they look up to.

As for the players, it's easy to get carried away with last night with their performance and rightfully so! Being objective Barry showed why we signed him, but also in my opinion why he maybe hasn't made the bench yet. His movement, speed and finishing is ready for the premier league, 100%. But his decision making with the ball at his feet, when he's not in a goal scoring position, leaves a lot to be desired at time. Needs to be more away of his team around him. With that being said, they way they played as a whole some what resembled the way the first team play, so his pressing was very Ollie Watkins like. I'd say when we play the Fulham's, West Brom's, Sheff United etc, and there's a chance we could be comfortable going into the last 10/ 15, have him on the bench. Give him minutes now, if he snatches a goal in the prem, brilliant, if he doesn't, it's vital minutes against top centre halves who will show him how hard he needs to work at the top level.

Side note for my MOTM, if we sell Engels, look no further than Revan for his replacement.

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09 Jan 2021 12:02:03
Agree with all you have said chris, but I think on the Barry point, with 10 first team players around him, that would give him far more options, and the pressure would be far less, surely that would help him with his decision making.
Nobody was with him last night, simply because they were all very naive, therefore he was a very lone figure, but it looks like we all agree he did a great job for his tender years.
Well done all the lads, you did us proud.

09 Jan 2021 12:28:16
Barry will get all the attention but there were so many encouraging performances. Revan as you say Chris played really well as did his centre half partner Bridge. They may have a bit to go stature wise but they seem to have all the ingredients for modern day centre halves- calm and comfortable on the ball. If even 1 of them steps up to the required level it will be mission accomplished and save the club a few million in the long run. That I believe is the achievable goal for our academy and from just that small cross section we've seen last night fills me with confidence for the future. πŸ‘.

09 Jan 2021 13:46:34
The only thing letting them all down was the lack of players in the center of the park when they won possession as we were defending with 10 players but it’s totally to be expected considering the opposition, i was impressed with bridge considering his size, I thought swinkles done well when he came on also, my only gripe was that we should of made changes a little sooner I think tiredness cost us a few goals, once we made the changes and freshened up Liverpool were once again frustrated, I think we might be getting carried away saying these boys are close to making the bench most of them need another 2 years imo, but Barry should be on the bench instead of us having 4 defenders on it, should be lots of games once January is over that we will be winning by a goal or 2 with 10 mins left, put him with our first team players and he would have so much more confidence, time on the ball and opportunity from fast breaks to snatch a goal.

09 Jan 2021 16:09:50
Good point Dave, never thought about it like that. With Grealish, Traore, McGinn buzzing around him he would more likely find hit team mates than run into bodies.

09 Jan 2021 17:26:32



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