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09 Jan 2021 09:08:46
The media and social media are abuzz with the performance of our kids last night and rightly so. I'm guessing that every Villa fan out there is feeling like a proud parent today. What it shows is that after years of bad management and ownership we finally have the right people in the right places and we have got our Villa back.
When I see even hard bitten Blues supporters praising their efforts you know something special is happening.
Special mention for James Milner, who's post and interview showed what we've always thought of him- he's a class act, and the look on his face when one of the Villa Cubs told him they haven't played for months was priceless 😁.
Well played everyone last night and a great moment that will never be forgotten by Louie Barry, or as Klopp called him " little Jamie Vardy "
I hope they were at least allowed a can of Shandy Bass after the game.
So proud to be a Villa supporter 👏👏👏👏.

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09 Jan 2021 10:37:25
Good post Moose, and I echo those sentiments 100%.
To think Chukwuemeka, A. Ramsey and Bidace, arguably aside from Louie Barry, our most talented youngsters, weren’t playing either. Lucky for Liverpool they weren’t😁.
As for Louie Barry’s goal, does anybody think Keinan Davis could have tucked that a way with such aplomb?
Surely there has to be a strong case now for him being on the bench for at least some of the first team matches this season. I would much rather see him coming on for the last 15-20 minutes of games, especially when we’re in need of a goal!

09 Jan 2021 11:09:27
Kid will be a star Mark, so calm in front of goal and just seems a natural goal scorer. It won't hurt his development to be drip fed into the 1st team especially with how we're playing at the moment. Its not like yesteryear where they've come into either a much changed side for cups or a team lacking in cohesion and confidence. Bet he's still buzzing this morning 😁.

09 Jan 2021 12:04:07
Seems strange to use an incredibly positive moment where we're all proud of Villa's young players to have a pop at Davis, another young Aston Villa player.
The Davis debate has been had on here several times already. Please move on.

09 Jan 2021 12:48:18
I like Davis he’s a good lad with a good attitude but he’s not a finisher, it’s not unfair to say it as he hasn’t scored in how long, and u can say he hasn’t had full games to try score but Louie had 1 chance last nite and buried it that’s the difference or an out and out finisher, for me it’s just a shame Davis ain’t a center back, with his size, strength and attitude he would be a great asset in defence.

09 Jan 2021 13:02:56
With a fantastic young talent such as Louie Barry progressing so rapidly and knocking on the door, it’s inevitable that comparisons will be made with fellow strikers, DBS. It wasn’t meant to be having a pop. To be honest, I doubt there’s anybody at the club that could have scored that goal so clinically and that includes Ollie and Jack.

09 Jan 2021 14:12:52
Well said Mark, great finish from a natural finisher, calm and he new exactly what he was going to do well before he passed it in.
Great to watch.

09 Jan 2021 18:00:26
Fair enough Mark and apologies for getting a tad defensive over Davis, just seen way too many people writing him off already which seems really harsh. Players develop at different rates and I personally think he has the making of a really good forward. Maybe not a classic no.9 which Barry seems to be developing into so you may not see the Michael Owen type runs and finishes, but that's not the only type of striker there is. The same coaches and manager who we're all praising saw enough in Davis to give him a new deal so they obviously see something that some on here don't. In the context of when he's made his appearances, how many full games, his age etc its hardly surprising he's not set the world on fire, just wish people would calm down and support the kid. Hopefully he'll get a loan and run of games to prove what he can do.
On Barry, it was a cracking finish and a glimpse of very high potential, but he also showed he's physically not quite developed and has some fine tuning needed, so for people to build him up and suggest he's first team ready right now seems short sighted. I'd love to be wrong, but we all know how football fans like to build up a kid to be the next big thing, pile on the pressure and then be downhearted when a player doesn't immediately turn into the next Messi.

09 Jan 2021 20:23:29
I’ve actually been an advocate for persevering with Davis as he does clearly have his strengths. He has been terribly unlucky with injuries over the last few years which has undoubtedly hampered his progress. With regular game time, who knows he might start finding the back of the net, and therefore I think you’re right he needs to go out on loan.
As for Barry, he might be of small build, but I actually think he’s a lot stronger than he looks. When Michael Owen was the same age and bursting on the scene, I can’t remember him being any bigger than Barry. I’m aware that opinion is divided among Villa supporters as to whether he should be thrust into the 1st team squad but I honestly believe that he would thrive with the quality of players that would be around him.
In all walks of life being put in pressure situations can be the making of people, often depending on the character of the individual. Louie Barry strikes me as a confident, highly motivated young man, who may well excel if given the opportunity.



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