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09 Jan 2021 00:15:27
Was it just me or did any of you find klopp a bit disrespectful after the game, couldn't get off the topic of our boys quick enough, didn't want to give us credit for the first half basically they had lots of chances to score goals but didn't take them, nothing about how the kids defended and blocked how many shots, I dunno maybe I'm being picky but I thought he could of given them some more respect than he did, dean smith certainly gave his younger lads lots of praise and encouragement this time last year. personally I think he was embarrassed by their first half performance, the snapshot of him with his head in his hands when Barry slotted home was priceless 🤗 personally I hope they play like that when we meet them in anfield we'll wipe the floor with them if they play a first half like that.

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09 Jan 2021 06:38:42
Klopp turned into Mourinho MKII over a year ago. Could be the result of success, could be the English game and media have finally broken his enthusiasm.

09 Jan 2021 09:13:01
Lost a lot of respect for him last night - He knew a few days in advance we would be playing the U23s, and let's be honest not even our strongest U23 squad, and choose to select a team like that regardless.

Seriously, did he really need to select Salah, Mane, Henderson etc, that was a team with the intention of absolutely destroying our young lads which could have had a massive impact on their confidence long-term.

So delighted they put in a performance like they did, absolutely sensational and bar a 5 minute blip in the second half put in a flawless performance.

Also, our first team would have dismantled Liverpool last night, I'm confident, that's how far we have come!

09 Jan 2021 10:25:08
To be fair to him, he couldn’t win with last night. And his senior players needed some game time as they are in a rut. I think he thought it would be like a training game, hat full of goals, and a return of confidence. He wasn't expecting our boys to play that well.
I agree he could of been more graceful in the way he interviewed after. but if you watch the end of the game he went to every player, and congratulated them. I thought that was brilliant.

09 Jan 2021 10:43:30
I noticed that flackie and it was a nice touch. I think he's probably more annoyed with how his big guns struggled against an impressive performance from our kids than anything else. Myself personally I found him playing a pretty full strength side a sign of respect but I could be wrong. It definitely didn't go as he expected and that is in part to the brilliant performance put in by Delaneys Cubs.

09 Jan 2021 11:33:36
Im not convinced flackie, if he needed a training game he could easily pick 2 teams 11 v 11 from his premier league panel, I think he had 1 thing on his mind in my opinion, revenge, and set out to destroy our youngsters and try to demoralise our club, plan back fired imo. I had a look at the league cup clash stats from last year because I couldn’t fully remember the team dean picked, it was pretty much our full second string team with no big guns, not that we had many big guns last year as we are so often reminded that we were a team who barely survived by 1 point, in contrast to last nights team which was all bar his injured players the team that won the premier league last season, I’m in no doubt that if jota and VVD were fit they would of being playing. players needed mins lol if any player needed mins it was minimo and he was 1 of the first players replaced. I think it was disgraceful tbh and super chuffed that apart from 2 short spells they couldn’t score the red light district😂😂😂.

09 Jan 2021 12:00:58
Didn't we do the same to Liverpool in the League Cup last season?

09 Jan 2021 12:19:04
I think the fact he played such a strong side made the performance even sweeter. If he'd of played a decidedly weaker team the plaudits being received would of been considerably more muted. The result was probably never in doubt but the need for him to use the big guns proved that he was more than a little worried.

09 Jan 2021 12:29:36
No RHLT, only 2 of our starting 11 last season played against their kids and even then Luiz wasn't a nailed on starter at the time.
Most of our team that night had only played cup games. Can't compare Elmo, Taylor, Lansbury, Jota to Salah, Mane, Milner, Henderson.

09 Jan 2021 12:57:18
We played our senior players obviously but it was the players not making it into our premier league first team, google it and take a look back and see the stats for that game they actually had more possession and matched us for shots, only thing they didn’t match us for was goals, also consider that at that point our first team was in the relegation battle at that point and not top of the league like Liverpool having won it last year and also a champions league and club world championship under their belts.

09 Jan 2021 13:25:22
Set out to destroy our club and demoralise the youngsters?! Lol 🤦‍♀️ grow up!

It was a game, he tried to win, what ever you think! What ever team we put out, it’s still the fa cup.
Why would he have an agenda against villa?! Paranoid much?!

09 Jan 2021 16:08:35
I actually said destroy our youngsters and demoralise our club not the other way round as you put it, destroy as in rack up a cricket score and demoralise our club as we did to them when we beat their first team 7-2 last time out, I didn’t say he has an agenda against us he simply wanted revenge for the embarrassment we caused them but really last night was as much of an embarrassment for him having to bring on the rest of his first team that was available to try win against kids who had their mammys drop them to the game, have a look round all their rivals banter pages they have all had a good laugh at him with his constant moaning about 5 subs rule and fixture congestion and protecting players, last night was a contradiction on his behalf and if you ask me he’s ended up with egg on his face, he may of won the game and proceeded to next round but he got a performance from his team that won’t either live long in the memory or give them confidence going into the united game. Jack and co would of destroyed that team in the first half last night he’s nothing short of lucky if you ask me, it would of being a repeat of that 7-2 victory if we had a full team out. their season has hit a huge slump over the past month I personally think they will win nothing this year not 1 trophy, Spurs and the Manchester clubs will take all the honours this year I’m betting.

{Ed047's Note - good job you’re not bitter about any of it 🤣

09 Jan 2021 16:18:12
And to say that he personally congratulated each boy last night is an exaggeration, he gave them each a fist bump, which dean smith does after every game we play, he gave Barry slightly more attention, probably sowing a seed for the future when they try to buy him from us. at half time last night Louie Barry had scored as many FA cup goals as saido mane and more than mo salah lol.

09 Jan 2021 17:10:49
Bitter? Me? Never😂😂😂 I just had a lot more respect for klopp before this season, seems there’s always something wrong with him nowadays he’s starting to sound like the fergie of old😂😂.



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