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30 Dec 2020 14:23:35
Just a thought. if we're on about loaning out some of our cream of the U23's out, wouldn't we be best offering them to Brentford above any other club? I can see now that we're set up to play Deano's way just like he had Brentford playing, obviously we have higher quality players but let's say sending someone like Ramsey there could only be good for Villa 🤷🏼‍♂️


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30 Dec 2020 14:53:19
That’s a great shout ally have them tweak our youngsters without having to pay a fortune buying them off Brentford 👌 maybe not Ramsey though I think he has a place on our bench with regular mins for second half of the season.

30 Dec 2020 15:19:58
It is a good shout Ally, Brentford still play a nice brand of football, and with Deano`s` ties I would imagine it could work well.

30 Dec 2020 16:22:49
In principle it’s a good shout but given where Brentford are I am not sure even if they took any of our youngsters that they would start, Brentford seem to have a settled starting eleven why would they want to break that up to accommodate our kids? If we are going to loan these kids out we should be looking to ensure they get experience of first team football.

30 Dec 2020 17:10:00
I can’t see any situation where Brentford would even entertain the idea. From there point of view, what do they gain?

More likely a league one side would take punt, but that’s not to say there’s a guarantee they would play. Some of the top teams have problems with this, recalling youngsters six months into a loan because full professional football is a different kettle of fish to ressies, and they can’t force there way in.

30 Dec 2020 17:24:07
Agree Chris Brentford are doing just fine, and taking another clubs’ players doesn’t fit with their blueprint at all.
They are in the business of bringing in their own players, developing them and selling them on for large profits. It’s working well for them, why would they want to change a policy that works for them?

30 Dec 2020 17:44:26
We've hit on this subject before about where our youngsters can get valuable big game experience. What's happening with our youth set up now is that the u23s is littered with our promising 16,17,18 year olds thus pitting them against older, bigger boys (sounds like school PE 😂😂😂) . I'm still of the opinion, with our Walsall connections, that a partnership could be struck between the 2 clubs. Yes its League 2,but it will harden them to the rigours of Mens football and they do try to play football. That being said as Ramsey has proved if you're deemed good enough there is a pathway to the 1st team, obviously after he showed what he could do on loan last season.

30 Dec 2020 19:19:40
I like the Walsall idea Moose, much more realistic than Brentford. Anyone who’s come through an academy will tell you, full men’s football is a completely different kettle of fish to reserves, development squads etc.

30 Dec 2020 19:24:38
If someone like Brentford wouldn’t take a player on loan from us that would help them reach the Premier League that would be worth £150M+ if they got promoted sounds like a really bad idea to me, it’s not like they’ve just had a new stadium built that they need to pay for is it? I was talking about sending 1 or 2 of our kids to a team that would play the same kind of football as we aspire to play, so that they would be ‘oven ready’ when they come back to us, maybe I’m just being selfish here 🤷🏼‍♂️


30 Dec 2020 22:05:02
What players from our youth set up would help Brentford get into the prem, which ones would even make the bench for them, look at their team😂.



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