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19 Dec 2020 19:23:58
I think we should continue to do what we are doing, after all on another day we could of had 3 or 4 against Burnley.
We have to get the ball to Watkins in the right areas quicker, we have a 20 + goal striker on our hands.
It looked to me like we were trying to make El Ghazi feel welcome again.

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19 Dec 2020 19:45:17

19 Dec 2020 20:28:44
Good common sense talking Dave.

19 Dec 2020 21:17:38
Dave i agree but I think ollie is spending too much time out wide not poaching in the box. Whether that's where he's being asked to play i'm not sure.

19 Dec 2020 21:34:38
I agree 100% SV, I get the feeling he is looking for the ball, rather than waiting in the box.
Its as if he knows its not going to come, hence our point.

19 Dec 2020 23:29:33
His not a out an out striker his a good player but definitely more of a winger we smashed burnley in chances but watkins didn't touch the ball really so what's that telling you!

20 Dec 2020 00:25:00
Problem is the balls were falling to El Ghazi, because Watkins was doing the unappreciated work of dragging centre halves and full backs away, to creat space for El Ghazi, the thankless work.

Some of the players around him aren’t clever enough to make the same sort of runs to create the chances for others. Hence why only 2 or 3 of our long list of openings fell to Watkins.

Also worth noting outside of his finishing El Ghazi was having the game of his life, the free kick, his one on one success, one touch passing. In the end both Grealish and Watkins were actively looking for him, as though they thought he would be the one to win us the game. I don’t think making him feel welcome came into it, non of his chances looked as though players sacrificing a chance for themselves in order to give it to Anwar, other than Traore, which to me was more the fact the donkey can’t use his right foot so couldn’t shoot😂.

20 Dec 2020 09:14:49
Chris I seem to remember travelling scoring a peach with his right foot in a pre season friendly.

20 Dec 2020 10:05:06
It was in the cup southernvillain, at the time I was adamant he meant it, but after watching him play more, I’m almost certain he never. As soon as a defender sees it, it’s almost like his game is over then and there. He has to use his right foot at some point, or else premier league defenders will just keep you out of the game.

20 Dec 2020 10:52:36
He doesn’t seem to be using his pace effectively like he did at Lyon. He used to tap it past defenders when one on one, and destroy them for pace. It didn’t really matter that he’s not great with his right. Or a midfielder or defender would clip it over the top for him to run onto, either way it was his pace that was his main asset. I think we need to find the ways to get the best out of him. It’s still early days, Luiz wasn’t an instant hit remember, I still think Traoré will come good.

20 Dec 2020 12:01:37
That’s what I was led to believe we were getting Mark, but so far in all honesty I think he’s useless.

However good point about Luiz, he went from plodder to one of our best players during the first lockdown. So hopefully Traore will find his feet soon.

20 Dec 2020 13:14:43
Just the one he shoots with will do for now 😁.



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