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14 Dec 2020 09:52:43
Just had a look at the athletics interview with Tommy Elphick, seems as though the questions we have over Mings leadership, are more than answered in the players point of view.

He talks about him being a voice of reason and calming influence, and goes on to say he really is the managers voice on the pitch.

In that case, if he takes less risks as he does when he feels like we're in a tough game, notice his lack of serious mistakes in games like wolves, arsenal, Sheffield United first game etc. Then would it be worth giving him to captains armband?

We all know Jack isn't a captain, giving him the arm band did the job it was intended to and got us promoted, however in my opinion it's probably better to pass it on now, and if the players look up to Mings then why not.

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14 Dec 2020 10:26:35
I think unless you're a basketball player, then at 6ft 5in everyone will look up to him 😉😁.

14 Dec 2020 12:15:11
I endorse that sentiment Chris, Tyrone has come in for a lot of criticism from us supporters, me included, but when he’s 100% focused, he’s a top drawer defender. I think giving him the captaincy would benefit the team and it would also benefit Tyrone. The honour and responsibility of the captaincy would I think give him that focus on a more consistent basis.

14 Dec 2020 14:09:15
Cant agree guys.
Yes he is out there directing and encouraging but its not enough to earn the armband.
Jack got the band as a reward and enticement to stay at the club.
We still need "the leader" to impose himself on the overall team. Mings is the first in the fray when there is a problem, trying to quell the players.
Keane, Bremner, McKay, Viera, Adams etc these are the people who drive a team. Body on the line. No prisoners.
We lack this leader.

14 Dec 2020 14:15:34
I think its a good point chris, and yes I think Grealish would probably benefit by not wearing the armband now.
And if he is the managers voice on the pitch, I am all for it.

14 Dec 2020 15:08:40
OV in terms of a leader who would you suggest?

14 Dec 2020 16:35:41
John who is OV?

14 Dec 2020 17:15:52
Dave, tov is the answer.
John, no idea. Must be dominant.
Probably someone from Eastern Europe. They are hungry not spoilt.
Even lower down the leagues we might find someone.
Eats raw meat, has his studs nailed in, nothing fancy. Still has rolled up News of the World for shin pads. Shirt tucked in and shorts high. Kept on a chain till 3 o'clock on Saturday afternoon but ready any day to satisfy his need.
His mission statement "Thou shalt not pass"

14 Dec 2020 19:09:15
Dave, my rubbish short hand or put another way laziness I should have written old villain out long hand. The reason I asked the who question re the leader is the names old villain mentioned epitomised football at that particular time because the game has changed over the years to the extent it has the Keane, Viera McKay types in my opinion don’t exist anymore and if they did they would spend more time suspended than on the pitch which is why I think a number of us are struggling to identify the type of leader old villain is after.

14 Dec 2020 19:36:35
John, its "theoldvillan. " tov.

14 Dec 2020 19:39:50
A hard leader who earns respect.
Dont know who he would be, just we need someone with total leadership skills, not a flagship.
I can't remember the last time we had one.

14 Dec 2020 20:04:28
Sorry guys my ignorance, Oldvillan knows my stance on this subject, goes without saying.
Grant Hanley of Nowrich, John Egan Sheff Utd, are two we could look at, both hard men and can shout the odds.

14 Dec 2020 21:25:19
I like Egan he’s in my fantasy football side or rather should I say he was and whilst I think both fit the hard men criteria Egan is I think a touch slow and Hanley has the turning capacity of the Titanic so not for me to be honest.

14 Dec 2020 23:56:27
I'd make martinez captain or mgginn.



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