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11 Dec 2020 16:53:02
Two players of equal ability in their designated position.

Player A is a Defender 25yrs Old.
Player B is a Striker 25yrs Old.

1. Who is the most valuable member of the team, and why.
2. Who should command the highest transfer fee, and why.

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11 Dec 2020 17:42:34
There both just as important dave, defenders go for a lot now and tbh strikers are valuable aswell there's a shortage of class strikers, I couldn't choose haha.

11 Dec 2020 18:03:39
Has to be the player A.
No good scoring if at the other end the GK is always picking the ball out of the net
Player B will be pi--ed off he scores 3 and the defence leak 4.
Nothing between them in value.
A team must have a solid foundation.
Good question Dave.

11 Dec 2020 18:04:43
Wrote two replies alright and deleted them, that is a tough question, one that ties you in knots the more you think about it.

11 Dec 2020 18:59:21
No good having 1 good defender, striker is always worth more.

11 Dec 2020 19:29:40
The saying is strikers win matches and defenders win titles. This may well be the case, however a good defence consists of a goalkeeper, 3/ 4 defenders and defensive midfielders, all working as a unit.
I think the most valuable member of a team will vary from team to team in terms of squad strength for all the various positions. You could have a situation where a team might have an abundance of defenders of fairly even ability, but may only have one good striker and a few average ones.
Another team might have 2 or 3 quality strikers but be thin on the ground for defensive cover. So in the first instance the striker would be the more valuable to the team, because of the lack of cover, and in the second instance the defender might be the most valuable due to the lack of backup.
Who should command the highest transfer fee then. Well invariably strikers do cost more than defenders particularly if you’re looking at the high end of the market.
The complex skill sets, and goal scoring abilities of the very best are a rarity, and anything in life that is rare will command a very high price.

11 Dec 2020 19:50:09
Players should be valued solely on their ability and parity is getting closer.
I think the general view is that a striker who scores and creates regularly is rarer than a defender who can tackle.
The difference between an Ashley Barnes and an Aguero is more considerable than a Ben Mee and a Thiago Silva.

11 Dec 2020 20:24:49
Very good question Dave and I'm going both as valuable as one another after all it's a team game. As for Value like fantastic goalkeepers fantastic strikers are a rare commodity so I'm going with Strikers as more valuable.

11 Dec 2020 21:02:27
Good answer Daz, but why strikers more valuable.
As Oldvillan has said the jobs they do can both earn a win, or defeat.

11 Dec 2020 21:13:32
It’s a really good question and similar to the whose most valuable in cricket batsmen or bowlers and it’s all about opinions but for me it has to be the striker if you look at Liverpool last season would they have won the premiership without Salah’s goals? I don’t think so or put another way if we had a choice to sign either Salah or Van Dijk who would you take Much as I rate Van Dijk for me ii would take Salah every time no question.

11 Dec 2020 21:36:49
John mate, my son in law who is a real big Liverpool fan, thinks it was Van Dijk influence and defensive qualities that did it.
True Salah`s goals were priceless, but so was Van Dijk.
Philippe Coutinho`s sale paid for the transition.

Its all opinions, but thank you for all having a go.

11 Dec 2020 21:40:19
Excellent question Dave. I'd probably go with the defender (being a former one myself) as Van Dyke turned Liverpool from also rans to title winner's. If, hypothetically, it was a 25yr old Bobby Moore or a 25yr old Lionel Messi then that would be a whole different debate.

11 Dec 2020 22:06:56
A point I accidentally deleted from my previous post is also that goals technically earn more points than clean sheets.

12 Dec 2020 09:46:03
Dave excellent question. I go for striker, once being one, a defender needs players around him to help out, a striker will win games on his own given a few scraps.

12 Dec 2020 13:46:41
Defenders not only stop the opposition scoring, they also score a lot of goals
Not many strikes throw their bodies on the line to stop a goal.
A defender can lead a game from the back, not many strikers can lead a game in the opposition half.

In our current situation where Smith is looking for another striker he would be advised to seal the back door to stop us catching a cold.



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