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08 Dec 2020 16:46:43
All these people slating Jack again bet you sing his name if he scores saturday. Leave him alone you don't like him don't sing his name simple.

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08 Dec 2020 17:18:57
He deserves it, he earn huge amounts of money, stars in a video asking us all to stay at home, he then behaves like a prat.
What do you expect us to say
I don`t believe everything I am told about the current situation, but at least I am adhering to the rules being asked of us.
Grealish is very prone to a brain fart, he needs to grow up an start setting a few examples.
We don`t want idiots at our club, he is fast becoming one.

08 Dec 2020 17:53:38
Your starting to sound a bit mental WTW.

08 Dec 2020 19:18:06
As club Captain we need someone that sets good examples.
Presently Jack is what we don't want.
The current situation is one of behaving like an adult not a wayward pr. ck.
I have posted before about people visiting other areas and the problems they create. that's Jack.
If he can't do what is asked of him Smith should use the ultimate action and take the armband off him.
Fans of other clubs are ridiculing him and that's not good for AVFC.
He may be a God to us but to others he is a merely a silly child.

08 Dec 2020 20:16:30
Couldnt care less about what he's upto outside of work. Aslong as he gives his heart and soul on the pitch what does it matter if he went to a party yes we are all adhearing to rules but the mans no different to any other footballer they are all at it there are new cv cases in the premier league all the time and they ain't catchin it sittin at home are they. its whether they get caught is the question if jack hadnt been seen we wouldn't know any different. he's done worse and kept the armband so.

08 Dec 2020 20:55:37
So you have to let them know how the public look upon them.
And yes they might all be at it, that doesn`t make it right does it, they all took purple hearts when I was club goer. I didn`t.

08 Dec 2020 21:04:35
Despite their career, lifestyle and wealth they're the same as us, you'll find their s##t stinks just as much as ours. Rules apply to everyone in all walks of life and anyone basically sticking their 2 fingers up at us poor plebs deserves the criticism they get. Just because he's one of our own doesn't exempt him from this. The pedestals they're placed on need to be torn down. Admire them for their ability but don't raise them above everyone else.

08 Dec 2020 21:27:27
It’s not a first offence regular posters on this site know I am a fan of Jack but I am sorry this has gone too far in my opinion some things are more important than football and this is definitely one of those. People are dying because of this bloody C.V. and the rules whether we agree with them or not have to be followed, for me taking the armband isn’t enough he should be dropped for at least 1 game if not 2 and if he breaks the rules again then the authorities should look to take more robust action.



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