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06 Dec 2020 18:29:25
Regardless of what people think about the current situation concerning the CV-19.
Jack has again ignored the moral side of this issue, and indicated that he thinks he is unique, and different.
Sorry mate your not, my wife is exempt from wearing a mask because she has C. O. P. D, but she still wears one, thus conforming to certain rules, and therefore avoiding confrontation.
Keep doing things like this Jack, and I will be glad to see the back of you.
Again a total Jerk.

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06 Dec 2020 19:33:29
We suspected the apologies the first time round were insincere, this just confirms it. So don’t bother apologizing this time Jack, it would be extremely embarrassing if you did.

06 Dec 2020 21:08:05
I don’t see the big deal to be honest, I’m sure he had the same permission as Barkley, we should of had our game this week same as everyone else and he wouldn’t of being going anywhere, all other teams had to suck it up when they had cases I don’t see how Newcastle should be any different, if they couldn’t field a team then it should be a walkover.

06 Dec 2020 21:31:56
Whacky, what has Newcastle got to do with Grealish, this is a human being defying the rules because he wants too.
My Grandson had his birthday on Friday, without party or friends, all because his Mom and Dad stuck to the rules.
What are your thoughts on that?

06 Dec 2020 21:59:23
Both my kids had crappy parties this year also it sucks, I just think if he wants to go for a meal then why not, he’s being tested he was clear so he’s not putting anyone else in danger, how many other punters in the restaurant are tested as often as jack or Ross, another point- nobody seems to mind players mixing with other players from all over the country to play games and entertain us, hardly vital front line work but they have to do it every week none the less so maybe they deserve a little more wiggle room than others, I for 1 would like to know all the details and see the footage before slating jack, the press will make a meal of it just because it’s jack.

06 Dec 2020 22:16:51
Jack is one of our own, loves AVFC but on his terms
Totally selfish.
We all want to go out and about, B&Q, McD, Beafeater etc but we do as asked.
My wife is still talking to me after 50+ years but it is a struggle. WE have never spent so much time together.
And all because there are people like Jack Grealish who are walking around.
Dangerous thoughts but these people who disregard the rules are out there and they BREED.

Seeing how some people wear face masks you can see why contraceptives fail.

06 Dec 2020 22:17:22
Out of order this football club would be in the championship rotting if it was for him. He as tested negative and is going to a place less at risk than us so wheres the issue? His got more chance of getting it in birmingham than london!

06 Dec 2020 22:33:40
That’s just the problem with modern society whatattack, as Denzel said "In our society, now it's just first — who cares, get it out there. We don't care who it hurts. We don't care who we destroy. We don't care if it's true. Just say it, sell it. Anything you practice you'll get good at — including BS. "

And the punters lap it up, constant outrage, people need something to be offended by or have an opinion on. On a side note it’s mainly why anything decent comedy/ film wise is slowly being removed, anything from yesteryear is too much for the large snowflake majority.

Grealish was an arsehole for what he did a few months ago, everyone said it, everyone knew it, there was no way to hide it. But ultimately here he has travelled from a tier 2 area, to another tier 2 area, to have a meal for a friends birthday, a friend in whom he shares a dressing room, training ground and a gym with.

And plays a contact sport with. Has he broke the rules, yes, is it that bad, not really, there’s a lot lot worse going on, in all levels of society at the minute, but ultimately they don’t sell papers, not papers like the sun anyway.

I hope he bags a hat trick and pretends to eat a carvery at the corner flag with Barkley, and the rest of the lads who were there, who start regularly for us, but won’t be mentioned because they haven’t got small shin pads and a dodgey Barnet.



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