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04 Dec 2020 17:15:18
Do you lot actually rate mings? i think konsa is great but we need another cbk 1 that can actually head a ball!

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04 Dec 2020 18:26:03
He has his strengths Walkies, but I think left back could suit him better, and let’s face it we could do with somebody better at left back as well.
I think it would be well worth trying Engels and Konsa in the middle, with Mings and Cash as the full backs. If the funds are there to bring in another quality central defender in January, that would be great, because if nothing else, it would keep Mings and Konsa on their toes.

04 Dec 2020 19:50:02
Mings dosent want to play LB he wants to swag it and try an be top boy at CH but he's too nonchalant since he got called up for England. If he reverted to the no nonsense mings that came in when we went up i'd be happy to keep him there i reckon and get chilwell in LB 😂.

04 Dec 2020 20:18:02
I think that`s a real good shout Mark, and well worth a try.
Nothing to lose in my opinion, and has a far better left foot than Targett, only my opinion.
NV, that`s why we are suggesting it might work, trying him at LB.

04 Dec 2020 21:30:53
I may be in the minority but I think Mings is ok at centre back he has the odd gaffe in him but not as accident prone as Engels in my opinion, he also brings the ball out from the back and if we want to play a possession based game that’s a useful skill to have. Having said that I do think another quality centre back to put pressure on Konsa and Mings would be no bad thing.

04 Dec 2020 22:10:19
I wouldn't trust mings at lb, let alone at cb, I'd go dunk, Ben mee, or Holgate would be good partners for konsa, and lb, amavi or Henry.

04 Dec 2020 22:44:34
JH, we have suggested other C/ B before, for me there is a growing concern about his quality, positional sense and increasing gaffs.
If he was more commanding in the box, with a no nonsense approach he would be ok, but that ability and mentality has deserted him.
Henry would be a good signing, I think Amavi would be reluctant to return.

04 Dec 2020 23:37:25
Mings needs to sit on the bench for a game or 2 but unfortunately we don’t have anyone better to play instead of him as it stands, he’s had more bad games than good games this year for sure, looking forward to January and see what Lange has up his sleeve he will of had time now to do his homework and put his contacts to good use, he will of watched all those villa games aswel and won’t have the same rose tinted glasses on that Deano has in relation to mings, if he needs replacing my guess is that Lange won’t hesitate to bring in another CB,

05 Dec 2020 09:36:10
Whatattack that isn’t something you should be wanting to happen, we’ve seen what happens when board members control transfers, we got relegated.

In my opinion, on his top form he’s more than capable of playing for a top 8 team, he has all the physical attributes of a quality centre half. However we haven’t seen his top form in a while, maybe Sheffield United first game of the season. Get someone in to push him, not someone who’s been relegated more times than I’ve had hot dinners though, as has been mentioned on here before😂

Annoying though, players shouldn’t need pushing, I know it’s human nature, but should be able to push yourself without competition.

06 Dec 2020 16:06:56
Not sure about your point there villa Dave, mings has a better left foot than targett? I realy don’t see that one. I can’t see mings rounding down the left and crossing the ball in 🤣 mings is a better defender but that’s targets problem, he’s not defensively minded.

06 Dec 2020 21:33:06
Not sure what you mean Chris, Lange job is recruitment and a bit unfair to compare him to someone like tony xia who hadn’t a clue about football, I see your point about board members and agree but Lange is here to do a job and we need him to find us a couple of gems.



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