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01 Dec 2020 19:22:36
Rk, you stated in your last post, that you didn`t have an issue with the offside, its black or white.
That`s just it, it wasn`t black or white, if it was how come it took so long to sort it out.
Why was it not a penalty before he scored, Ogbonna fouled Watkins in the box.
If pubic hairs are going to determine whether a goal stands or not, the game is finished mate, referee or not, its crazy.
We have come 146 years playing the game without any such interventions, and yes mistakes have happened.
But they also happen with this very clever technology as well, so why change.
It should be used for ball over the line, or penalty simulation, and nothing else.

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01 Dec 2020 20:33:25
Dave spot on. I'd rather see refs making mistakes than allowing third parties to ruin the game. In my opinion if var is to stay it should only be used if the ref requests it. On top of that each team can have 2 appeals each half that way the ref gets the control back and the teams can get on with the beautiful game.

01 Dec 2020 21:42:00
That`s a good idea SV, nice to hear some common sense
Hope you and family are well mate.

02 Dec 2020 06:23:02
Your logic is extremely flawed. How does objectivity have anything to do with speed? Do all scientific experiments take a matter of seconds?
The offside is black and white as long as you do not take the arm into account. It shouldn't have taken that long as his knee was clearly offside both before and after the lines were there.
The foul is the subjective part and we all know if you don't go down you probably won't get it. Suggestions he was only offside because of it is nonsense because he was offside even ignoring the arm.

02 Dec 2020 08:26:45
Dave all is well here hope you are too.

02 Dec 2020 12:54:10
All good mate, thanks.

02 Dec 2020 18:36:28
At the beginning of this year, Lukas Brud ( general secretary of IFAB ), advised VAR should only be used to correct clear and obvious errors, and went on to say
“If you spend minutes trying to identify whether it’s offside or not, then it’s not clear and obvious, and the original decision should stand”.
The decision to overturn Watkins goal took in excess of 4 minutes and this clearly shows that this advice from the governing body is being ignored.
I would suggest, if the VAR team are unable to overrule a goal for offside within a minute, then the goal should stand.

02 Dec 2020 19:07:38
Well said young man, good post Mark.



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