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01 Dec 2020 13:51:40
Two headers two goals.
What does this say about our defence.
Question if JT has any input regarding defence training.
Regardless of our dominance Throughout the game we were let down by a shoddy defence.
Centre halves, don't make me laugh,
School boys would have done better.
Our c/ h are amongst the tallest in the Prem so how can we let two efforts on our goal go unchallenged.
The sooner Smith gets a no nonsense c/ h to control the back line the better.
It would be hard to say that one more player could be all we need but the attack and midfield do look like they can hold their own.
The defence, especially on the left, has more questions than answers.
Come on Smith get a big centre half to stop the rot. Please before its too late.

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01 Dec 2020 16:33:39
I said it last week and I will say it again Oldvillan, I don`t think Targett and Mings are up to it at the moment, and are second string players.
Target watches the ball like a kid watches a bag of sweets, and Mings again at fault, he either can`t or won`t jump.
I wish someone would get Trez, sit him on their knee and ask him to calm down, and cut out being so erratic.
Again he worked very hard with no reward, he is like a bloody spring,
with a bit more composure and vision he could of had a hat trick.
McGinn needs a reminder his place will be at risk "unless".

01 Dec 2020 18:59:30
Spot on analysis there Dave and you know my thoughts on Mings at the moment. Not sure if its what he's being coached (tho with Terry on the coaching staff and how he played I doubt it) or if he thinks he's made it due to his England caps. Personally I think he's going backwards and is a million miles away from the no nonsense, imposing centre half we all raved about in our promotion season. He seems more laid back than a lady of the night on overtime. If he's not happy with the system (zonal marking) he's a loud enough voice to say so as it clearly isn't working. I want to see him winning headers, crunching into tackles and dominating the centre forward not doing Cruyff turns on the edge of the box. Options are admittedly thin within the squad for a replacement for the likes of him, McGinn and Targett meaning that even if their standards drop they still play the next game, hardly going to keep them on their toes.
Also just a question for everyone: if faced with a choice (due to any FFP issues, obviously we'll not go too deep into that 😁) would you rather lose Grealish for, for arguments sake, £100m (don't start) or Mings and McGinn? Just a thought as I know at the moment who I'd want to keep.

01 Dec 2020 19:30:24
Yes I do know your thoughts Moose, and I think your right mate re-England caps.
I also think there is a backward momentum in some of his play.
Mings and McGinn no question mate.

01 Dec 2020 20:56:10
Dave as an old centre forward I'd love to play against mings. Always prone to a mistake and I'd have free headers all day long. He needs to spit out the gum and get doing what cb's should do, defend, challenge and dominate. If of course he has that in his locker.

01 Dec 2020 21:49:56
Yeah I think we are singing from the same hymn sheet again SV.
Oldvillan has more or less the same opinion.
I bet you were a hard one to get past SV, you sound just what we need.
I am sure you would agree we have had some real good C/ Backs a Villa Park, it would give us more stability and balance if we had one now.

01 Dec 2020 22:20:21
Sorry SV, I have misread your post, you are a centre forward, its my age mate, I thought centre back, sorry mate.

02 Dec 2020 08:31:27
it creeps up on us all dave. We've had some great cb's at villa, obviously God, Evans, mcnaught, Terry, Laursen, Mountfield, tale to name a few.



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