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22 Nov 2020 15:22:51
Regardless of everything that has been said about yesterdays game, It has to be said defensively we are a shambles, and very naive.
Without sounding negative, we need better players on the left.
My honest opinion is that Targett and Mings are second string players.
For some reason Mings seems to think he is Bobby Moore class all of a sudden, do your job Tyrone and defend, keep it simple and the brain farts will disappear.
Targett watches the ball as if it was a soap opera, and needs to stop hesitating on the cross.
Konsa would be even better without a cavalier C/ B by his side.
I think Cash is doing very well.

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22 Nov 2020 15:55:59
With you on those points Dave, you wouldn't see it on a local park on a Sunday. I know the game has evolved but you want your defenders to be able to defend first and foremost, anything else is a bonus.

22 Nov 2020 16:14:05
Cheers Moose, at times we seem so near, and yet in reality we are some way off.
It will come mate, but I think we need a good solid C/ B and a left sided duplicate of Cash in January.

22 Nov 2020 16:41:49
Maybe just a commanding centre back Dave, I think Mings could take Targetts place at left back.
What about John Stones, he’s not getting a sniff at Man City, whenever the cameras pan in on him sitting it out, he always looks bored out of his skull.

22 Nov 2020 16:42:45
Yes I've been wracking my brain trying to think of options but not really coming up with any names. Just depends how high we want to aim.
For all Mings talking during the game I'm afraid he's the biggest culprit. Being a former centre half his positional sense is sorely lacking.

22 Nov 2020 16:48:24
Stones a good shout, obviously needs a change of scenery and regular playing time. Only downside is I believe he's right footed and may struggle on the left as I can't see him taking Konsa's place.

22 Nov 2020 17:28:57
I am also a John Stones fan and think he would be a great signing, I also think someone like Maitland Niles to challenge Targett at left back would also be a benefit. Signing both of these players as well as strengthening the squad would I think create greater flexibility as Maitland Niles can play anywhere on the left side also another quality centre back means we could change formations much more easily for example 3 centre backs with Maitland Niles and Cash as the wingbacks. However when you consider where we are now in comparison to this time last year I can hardly believe we are having these kind of discussions as the squad has developed so much in such a relatively short space of time.

{Ed001's Note - Maitland-Niles is right sided and wants to play in central midfield.}

22 Nov 2020 18:54:46
Cheers Ed, I must confess though that I thought Arsenal deployed him as a left back Andes a left sided midfielder last season.

{Ed001's Note - Arteta has done because he has all the footballing intelligence of Gareth Southgate. The lad is totally right-footed, wants to play in central midfield, it is his usual position, but he has mostly played at right-back.}

22 Nov 2020 19:38:49
Ed that’s interesting just had a look at one of the Arsenal websites and apparently Maitland Niles last 3 coaches saw him as either a left or right back and although he favours a midfield role people are trying to talk him into the positional change including Southgate apparently.

{Ed001's Note - he is not a full-back, not at all, just shows how crap the last few coaches he has had are. Emery was clueless and Arteta and Southgate are worse than him.}

22 Nov 2020 22:38:44
The amount Mings does maraud forward, along with Konsa doing it occasionally, suggests that they are instructed to do so. It’s just that Mings is more confident (god knows why) in doing so.

I have noticed however Konsa steps into midfield, usually after selling a big clearance to an opposing attacker, dragging it back and carrying it into the midfield before playing a forward ball and stepping back in. Mings does the same but doesn’t stop, he’ll play the pass and continue the run.

It certainly gives another option as the defending team all of a sudden has an extra player they need to pick up, so it drags players out and panics them. The issue is I can’t think of many points where it’s ever led to a goal, plenty of opportunities have been created from it, but as shown against Brighton, a quick turn over in possession and we’re all out of position and people trying to cover in unnatural circumstances.

Hence why I’d much prefer the way Konsa does it, step forward, pick your pass and step back.

Saying that, the choice to play such a high line was as much at fault yesterday as the defenders. A high line is fine but the whole back four in their half is stupid, and a managerial choice.

Also a bit annoyed to see cash turn his back on the second, puts his body on the line and he stops that pretty easily.

23 Nov 2020 09:58:03
I've said for ages that Mings is over rated. My issue with targett is that he never gets close enough to his man to stop the deliveries.
I agree with the January needs but who is out there. Also I doubt Deano would replace Mings.

23 Nov 2020 09:59:41
I got smashed last time I said it but I still believe Engels is a better 'defender' than Mings.

23 Nov 2020 11:29:21
It might well be worth trying Engels and Konsa in the middle and shift Mings out to left back SV. I think when he played for Bournemouth it was often at left back, it could possibly suit him and Villa better.

23 Nov 2020 12:47:47
I have a tendency to agree with you about Engels SV.
I also think Mings at L/ B would be well worth a try Mark.
I does need sorting ASAP.

23 Nov 2020 14:41:51
For me it’s just the left foot that pips Mings over Engels. Balance is a massive thing for me.

23 Nov 2020 14:46:19
He was a left back for Ipswich aswell.

23 Nov 2020 17:12:38
If he doesn't pull his finger out he might find himself left back-in the dressing room. He has all the attributes to be an absolute beast and bully strikers, unfortunately they're not always apparent. He should go back to playing how he was to get his England call up, not thinking he's the reincarnation of Beckenbauer.

23 Nov 2020 17:42:08
Come on guys don't be 'those' fickle Villa fans. Mings is a very good player. Yes he makes errors but most do. Once again we lose a game (that we should have won) and people panic. It was the attacking players who prevented us winning that game. Didn't take our chances.

23 Nov 2020 17:49:40
He is when he sticks to doing the basics and its frustration speaking seeing him under perform when we know it's in his locker to be top drawer.

23 Nov 2020 20:38:44
Nobody is panicking Dave, its a point being made.

24 Nov 2020 08:52:44
Did pretty well against Aubamayang and Lacazette, not that long ago to be fair.



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