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13 Sep 2020 17:56:15
Everyone keeps going on about our £100 million budget ( unless I've missed something ) who from our club came out publicly and said that's our budget?

If you had 50 grand to spend on a car your not going to walk into the show room and declare that publicly?

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13 Sep 2020 18:24:15
Couldn’t agree more smithy I mentioned the same last week it’s just speculation from the press, the only thing I seen that was believable was that the owners were going to back smith in the window, I think the press were just going on last years spend.

13 Sep 2020 18:56:22
Chaps, I take your point but we all seem willing to accept rumours around who we are going to buy which is fed through press speculation but less willing to accept anything that puts a ceiling on the spend which must be in place even if it’s only to ensure we comply with ffp. Ultimately time will tell whether we have a budget or not but once we have spent on Rashica, Martinez and Traore in addition to Cash and Watkins can you really see us continuing to spend without generating income because personally I can’t.

13 Sep 2020 19:20:21
That’s a fair point Smithy, but if Traoré and Rashica sign also, which looks likely, that will take the spend close to 100 million. Personally, I can’t see any more coming through the door, are you anticipating more signings after that then?

13 Sep 2020 19:24:34
Not the case John, find the trusted sources and go by what they say. Alan Nixon, Percy and Romano are the best so far this window, accurate and fast when delivering both positive and negative news.

13 Sep 2020 19:39:15
Greg Evans has also proved quite reliable.

13 Sep 2020 19:45:13
Chris are you saying that once Martinez, Traore, and Rashica are signed you can see more coming through the door before we generate any money from sales?

13 Sep 2020 20:20:19
No mate, wasn’t a comment about budgets. It was more aimed at your point about trusting certain sources for some info and not others. Personally, I just trust the ones with a reliable back ground, add Gregg to that list as aka pointed out.

13 Sep 2020 20:39:00
Markdavfrance. might be a couple of loans.

My point being to a lot of posters who keep saying that if we sign Traore and Rashica then surely to get any more players in then it means we’re selling Grealish . why?

To comply with ffp we might have £120- £140 million to spend without having to sell Jack, nobody outside of the club really knows

Plus I think if Jack was going it would of happened by now

From my own point of view would love us to sign another midfielder who can pick a pass and a left back would be great

Complete those and I think keep injury free to key players and we could be looking towards top ten finish as appose to bottom 5 looking over our shoulders.

13 Sep 2020 20:56:47
I think Lansbury samatta hogan kalanic and maybe el gazhi will all b out the door, I think he’ll either buy a young LB or bring up someone from academy to cover targett, few bob to recoup from those sales, if he buys another CB I think engles will go, as for a midfielder to pick a pass we will have Conor on the bench, I could see a loan or 2 coming but only if there’s option to buy.

13 Sep 2020 21:04:20
Smithy I am less worried about the fees and more about the salaries Martinez is supposedly going to be getting £60 k a week Watkins £70k and I am sure Rashica Traore and Cash won’t be on peanuts so I am not sure our turnover will justify this type of outlay particularly as we haven’t trimmed the wage bill by any significant sales. Concerns were expressed last season about us being in breach of ffp that’s without this outlay. Perhaps I am worrying over nothing I don’t know.



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