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07 Sep 2020 07:58:36
Just a thought lads and ladettes, bearing in mind the size of the squad we have, trying to bring in new blood is a defo, but we don't seem to have realised that those players who deano doesn't rate don't seem to be in a hurry to leave? -and why would they, they're on big moula for basically turning up to the leisure centre at Bodymoor Heath, do some cardiovascular and keep fit, muck about with a ball and then pile into the food Hall to have some scran and a laugh with your mates! -then off home (or the bookies) for a relaxing day with whomever,

and at the end of the week they get paid 10's of thousands of pounds, no wonder they're staying put, now I know you can't just bin them but seriously, how many other managers would put up with that, we're not tough enough, you think klopp, guardiola, arteta or wilder would let that slide, no way no how, and there in lies the problem, we pay over the odds and inflated contracts for players,

AND then this summer when we need to get players in early to bed them in and get who we want we're penny pinching to the extent none of deano's targets which he has wanted for over a season look like happening any time soon, there's no middle ground with us, it's one extreme to another, no wonder fans hoot up so quickly now, how else can you express how dim witted we are being for it to register? -and some on here saying, still a month to go, don't panic! -are you sure?

is it a bit beyond you to figure out the closer we get to the start of the season the less likely a team will be to want to sell us one of their players because it shafts them? -and the result is teams will ask a lot more because they know they will have to pay through the nose if they have to go to the transfer market to find a replacement, if all the deals deano's wants to happen actually happen then great, but I doubt it,

and that's not all his fault, but he shares responsibility because of what happened last summer, he should have insisted on getting them done as soon as the season finished, that shows he either lacks for sight, common sense or a backbone, or maybe a bit of all of them, and don't dismiss the idea of players blanking us because of him, he's unknown mostly and comes across a bit wishey washey,

what contacts has he built up, apart from watkins, what other player sings his praises?, don't be surprised if watkins goes elsewhere, and why would a player like fraser rather go to Newcastle than us, because Brucey has been there and done it, he makes players want to come to the club and puts them at ease, and for those who disagree, take John mcginn, could have gone to a club who win leagues and cups,

been an idol adored for the rest of his life by thousands and had the chance to play champions league every season;instead he came to a fallen club, in the championship, mid table, with financial problems and no chance of European football or cup success, yet Brucey swung the deal,

deano can't do that because it's not in his locker, he's a decent manager but the stark truth is this job and this club is too big for him, it needs a bigger name with gravitas, but let's see how the window goes and take it from there.

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07 Sep 2020 08:14:12
Those high earners weren't brought in by current owners/ managers so cannot be compared to what we're currently doing.
I can also guarantee there's a lot more to the job than some fitness and knocking a bag of wind around.
Have you seen Lansbury and Jota when they have been given a shot? They may not be fancied as first choices but they work their backsides off.

07 Sep 2020 08:55:51
Arteta wouldn't have mercenaries bleeding the club dry, no way no how? Mezut Ozil? What are you on about 😂.

07 Sep 2020 09:47:20
Finally, people are cottoning on!

07 Sep 2020 10:21:59
Did Bruce not buy Lansbury, hogan, bree, maybe had 25 games between them since joining cost us 20 million or more, maginn was a 3.5 million player when he came in, hardly had the world at his feet, he chose championship over Scottish PL cause he wanted a bigger platform, Watkins benrahma are being sold this year regardless, Brentford already have replacements bought or lined up, Bruce bought Wilson who scored 8 goals last year lol Wesley had 5 before Xmas and guys said he was rubbish, he’s got Fraser in, turncoat who left his team when they needed him the most he would rather have a few weeks off than save his club from relegation, congrats brucey you’ll get the freedom of Newcastle for that 1😂😂 when Newcastle finally get taken over he’ll b the first 1 out the door, him and his head of cabbage will head back to the championship, I’d rather have a manager on his way up than his way down,

07 Sep 2020 10:57:15
Well said co82 agree we do need a bigger manager smiths a joke.

07 Sep 2020 13:24:47
Who do ye suggest as a manager, and I don’t mean deluded answers like poch or blanc who will walk into a champions league job as soon as the feel like it, we are still a bottom end of PL team no big manager is going to come to us till we stabilise, raneri maybe might of being the exception when he done it with Leicester but even then he spent half the season to and from Italy with a sick relative I think maybe his mother, it was Shakespeare who done the donkey work and he’s on our books now. guys don’t get it that we have to work our way back to greatness, Villa is a big club but it looks bigger through our eyes cause we support it, people on the outside don’t see the club like we do they see the shambles that was the last few years and won’t take a chance on it just yet, yeh Everton got Carlo when they were low in the table but they are 1 of the biggest clubs in England they haven’t being relagated and owners didn’t sell all their best players and not reinvest like Lerner done to us.

07 Sep 2020 13:57:38
Co82 you said it urself let's see how the window goes and take it from there🤔.

07 Sep 2020 18:45:15
I’m half and half with what you’ve put 82. Fraser has signed a 5 year deal at Newcastle, doubt he would of got that at Villa, I’d say he ‘quit’ playing for Bournemouth post lockdown to protect himself from injury and his maybe biggest contract of his career, which is what you’re digging out some of the Villa squad for doing? I like Deano as a bloke, he’s one of us, but I do think the job is too big for him, and tbf for anyone because they never last long do they lol? I don’t think us as Villa fans will be happy until Mellberg or Laursen becomes manager, then somewhere down the line we’ll destroy their legacy too. All we can hope for for the next few years is a comfortable reach 40 points by Feb/ March, decent cup runs then kick on when we’re an established Prem team again. Anyway 82 me old cock sparrer, you’re still as entertaining as ever, would love to have a pie and a pint with you in the Holte End 1 day, or a Pimms and a prawn sandwich if you’re in the Upper Holte 😂




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