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05 Sep 2020 11:37:31
Seems like Wilson would prefer the Newcastle move to coming to us, if that is the case and I can only assume the player has asked for that view to be shared then we should move on and not try to flog a dead horse like we did/ are doing with Rashica.

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05 Sep 2020 12:28:43
We moved on from Rashica a long time ago, just fans now still discussing him. Percy said it at least 3 weeks ago.

05 Sep 2020 14:19:11
I thought AV didn’t want to enter a bidding war. What is the difference between Wilson and the 2 Brentford lads?

05 Sep 2020 14:23:07
What's going on lads? I've tried to remain relatively calm about the window because teams around us haven't really invested heavily but it appears that will change very soon. What are we doing?

Every man and his dog knows we want Watkins, why isn't this done already? I thought we were keeping it quiet until Brentford found a replacement but that was concluded last week!

I'm beginning to fear Smith isn't much of a draw for players, I don't rate Bruce anymore than I can throw him but you got to give him credit for charming players, and that seems to be helping Newcastle! How we are not in for Ryan Frasier is beyond me, I get he let his team down in the middle of a relegation battle but he is head and shoulders above our current wide options, and he is FREE! Madness.

I really hope this time next week I have egg on my face and we have quietly been doing business behind the scenes but it's getting scarily close to the start of the season and we are no stronger than the team that barely survived. Bar at right back!

05 Sep 2020 16:12:34
Sign Ryan Fraser and your basically accepting that we don’t care who we are signing as long as they can kick a ball, may aswell get lescott back. Took us too long to get them out of the club, adding a player who turned his back on his club, his manager and his team mates would be a shambles. There’s no coming back from that.

05 Sep 2020 17:51:12
Lescott was in the twilight of his career - Fraser is a 30M player who is available for free, I seriously don't think we are in a position to be so selective Chris. I'd love all our players to be James Chester, loyal and willing to put their body on the line for the club but the reality is the majority of players are looking out for number one. We are clearly having issues getting signings over the line, there is a quality player that will go to the highest bidder, get him in and if he's the trouble maker some suggest then flog him at a profit, it's win win! But that's just my opinion.

05 Sep 2020 19:25:52
Chris I am with you I think someone like Fraser would de stabilise the dressing room and given his attitude I wouldn’t take him if Bournemouth paid us, his attitude stinks. I get the fact there is no loyalty in football but you don’t have to reward his attitude by giving him a mega bucks contract if the Geordies want to do that fair play to them but it’s interesting that around Christmas time Arsenal and Tottenham were supposedly fighting over his signature yet neither seem inclined to sign him I wonder why?

05 Sep 2020 19:47:52
We will have to agree to disagree, personally I don't think we are in a position to pass on players of this quality. I just hope we have a plan in place to sign a player who offers as much AND has a perfect attitude.

05 Sep 2020 21:05:58
It was reported he declined a new Bournemouth deal because he was after £100k a week minimum.
That puts him out of our structure and wouldn't result in the profit you think it would.
I've not really seen anything special out of him to justify the attitude risk, just another drinkwater after a payday I'm afraid.

05 Sep 2020 21:32:42
I would honestly be devastated if we signed Fraser, what he did is a cardinal sin, unforgivable. I get that there isn’t loyalty in football, players move on to better themselves and out grow teams etc. Fraser however point blank refused to play whilst under contract in order to leave a team for free. He spat in the face of a manager who built him to what he was, spat in the face of his team mates who fought alongside him for so long, spat in the face of supporters who chanted his name week in week out, young lads who wanted his name on their shirts and idolised him. As a man, there’s no coming back from that, spineless weasel, rat. I’ll stop there.

Irrespective of ability, he is the polar opposite of the type of man, not player, man, we want at our club.



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