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02 Sep 2020 11:03:14
See Leeds may be after Axel from United. If we are looking for a CB think we need to jump ahead of them for this move. Him and Mings where solid during the promotion run in and formed a strong partnership. Think this is the man to play alongside Mings and make us stronger defensively. Targett and Cash or Freddie at right back and Luiz in front of them would give us a solid structure. Stick Saint John Mcginn in with Luiz and play jack then hopefully Watkins and 2 wingers in would could be threat going forward.

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02 Sep 2020 11:50:30
Although I like the rest of your team rob I don’t think axel is better than konsa even house has more experience in the PL, in terms of a center back I think we will b buying to cover either mings or konsa if 1 gets injured, if I was adding a CB I’d go for experience, axel hasn’t had the experience of even konsa, personally I see Lange going abroad for a CB, I’d like to see romero in goal benerama on the wing and either Ollie or Tammy up front, I’d b happy with squad if they bought those 3 and kept our best players of coarse.

02 Sep 2020 12:09:00
Don’t forget guys we still have Engels who I thought done well before his injury.

02 Sep 2020 12:54:18
I’d sell Engels always has a mistake in him I’m afraid and you can’t afford that in the premiership. Personally I would sign Axel I think based on what we saw in the Championship he has the makings of a decent premiership centre back, he is also quite quick and versatile so I could see us on occasion going with 3 centre backs with Tuanzebe in the side particularly if we sign Cash as he and Targett playing as offensive wing backs would work well I think, however I am not sure I could see such a system working as well with the likes of Engels or Hause as the third centre back. In addition Tuanzebe is still quite young and fits the age profile of player the club is now targeting.

02 Sep 2020 16:15:38
I like Engles but has the mistake in him. Like Hause and Konza too. I think we definitely need to get a CB who can build a good partnership with Mings and that was why I suggested Axel. Hopefully we will get someone in.

02 Sep 2020 16:34:45
Pace at the back is crucial in the PREM. Axel has that in abundance. It’s just his injury issues that concern me.

02 Sep 2020 17:00:26
Would always welcome Axel back, he was excellent alongside Mings. However. I think Konsa has now developed into a better player, post lockdown he’s been outstanding. Personally, I worry more about errors from Hause than Engels. but the two of hem are decent enough CBs to back up the others. If we switch to a back 3 (which might be in Deano’s mind getting Cash and allegedly going for Watkins AND Wilson) . then we’d need another CB but I expect he’d look for a left-footer so he can play Mings in the middle.

02 Sep 2020 18:58:39
I'll drop this bombshell, and speaking as a former centre half, you're all going on about who will partner Mings, when I think Konsa is the nailed on centre half, pace, awareness and ability to mark an opponent. don't get me wrong Mings is a put my body on the line defender but his positional awareness is absolutely diabolical from what I've seen (except last 4 games when he seemed to improve) obviously if he can show the same ability next season then that a massive plus, but for me Konsa along with Luiz were our best 2 players post lockdown.
Shoot me down if you will, just stating my opinion but Mings has a lot to learn.
Ps don't give a flying #### what division or league our signings come from as long as they can play and have some bottle 👍.

02 Sep 2020 19:40:31
Bang on the button Moose, totally agree mate.

02 Sep 2020 19:57:27
Moose, I agree with you about Konza ( absolute revelation post lockdown ) . It’s just that you read reports of Villa wanting to sign another centre back, which does beg the question, is the intention to play 3 at the back. If it is Axel would I think fit the bill to play alongside Mings and Konsa. Mings being left footed would naturally be the left sided player.
With the imminent signing of Matty Cash and the possibility of Rico Henry for the left side, I do wonder if 3-5-2 is the plan, with Guilbert and Targett also competing for those places.
If this is the plan, would there be any need to sign Benrahma?
It could also explain why they’re reportedly looking to bring in 2 strikers.
Could of course be way off the mark, but you just never know.

02 Sep 2020 21:40:10
Why does everyone want axel back? The guy is always injured and isn't as good as konsa! Think we'll stick with our centre backs and deano will use similar tactics as after lockdown. Wilson would be a good signing, does it matter if he's 28? No! Vardy's 33 and prem top scorer. We've got a young squad and could do with a bit of nous. We need quality veterans that have good game management.



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