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01 Sep 2020 18:13:37
Another day and nothing, just a load of new names being thrown about like confetti.
What an anti climax this has been, if one new name had been added great, but no, absolutely nothing.
I have no doubt we will sign a couple of players at some point.
We know who we want, why the delay, why not get the deals done, are we trying to pinch a couple of quid here and there.
Do it, or we will rue the consequences come the seasons end.

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01 Sep 2020 19:33:32
Good things come to those who wait Dave like the film Field of Dreams "Build it and they will come" Patience my friend paitence.

01 Sep 2020 20:29:47
A good analogy Daz, but I seriously think we should have had at least one signing over the line by now mate.
We need to be realistic here, we are dragging our heels, over players that have been earmarked for months, why.

01 Sep 2020 20:55:20
It’s all about the money we are more worried about paying slightly over the odds for a player, last year it cost us Benrahma and Maupay I hope history isn’t going to repeat itself. We got lucky last season iif don’t think we will be that lucky a second time.

01 Sep 2020 21:16:12
Our new Director of football has been in his job 2 weeks Dave he will have his ideas and Deano his. I think we will make at least 1 signing this week then the ball will start rolling we have till October bud it's not like last year where we had to rush to get signings in now we can bide our time make the right choices and get them in we cannot be held to ransom by some clubs who think we can spend willy nilly ie 30 - 40 million on a 15- 20 million pound player. I expect 4-5 coming in with 3-4 going.

01 Sep 2020 21:34:03
I hope you are right Daz, we will see and time will tell.
Only last week I waited to buy a Camper van, trying to get it £250 cheaper, 4 hours later guess what.
Correct, we still don`t have a camper.

02 Sep 2020 02:06:14
A bit of a worry Dave is that most of our targets are championship level, and maybe if deano had kept his trap shut about how good Watkins is (in his opinion) then maybe Brentford would have been more amenable, but instead deano gave them free advertising and drummed up interest, when will he learn that the less you say how good a player is, the more chance of getting them sooner, look at united and van de beek, they just said he was one of many they looked at and left it alone, fast forward 2 weeks and they get an international player worth 70+ million for 40 million, but because of bucket mouth deano we'll probably pay 25 million for a championship player, deano once again showing he is a simpleton in transfer dealings!

02 Sep 2020 02:14:46
In fairness we couldn't start anything with Watkins and Benrahma until after the play-offs and unfortunately interest from elsewhere is complicating matters.
We apparently valued each of them £5mill less than is now being touted. I imagine discussions have been bounced around regarding potential add-ons to keep price down while still avoiding a bidding war.

02 Sep 2020 07:26:37
The Brentford boys aren't for me rknewell and I hope your right about the price, if we get them in then obviously I'll support them to the hilt, but really?, that's all we can manage to aim high for?

02 Sep 2020 11:22:35
When did Smith talk about Watkins to the level your saying 82? Any links?



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