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25 Aug 2020 18:24:14
Look Chris we have been down this road before with regards Grealish. Do I think he deserves a call up before Mason Mount yes I do but his antics are questionable to say the least. Your opinion on him differs from mine.

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25 Aug 2020 18:55:43
Daz if you don't think jack should be in that squad you don't no football what has southgate won.

25 Aug 2020 18:57:45
Our opinion is exactly the same on him from what you’ve just said. I just pointed out that one he doesn’t have a drink driving charge which you was claiming, and two that his off field issue can’t be the reason when several other members of the squad have similar issues. Oh and that he’s selected 3 right backs. All facts btw.

25 Aug 2020 19:07:19
Answer to JK I've just wet my pants with that one comment.

25 Aug 2020 19:14:33
Chris the bloke ran away because he was pissed FACT.2 If he is as good as YOU think he is ask yourself why is he not in the squad he is the fourth leading player in assists why hasn't he been picked then as the only reason I can think IS because of his off field antics or because the players in his position that he has played are better apart from Mount and 3 I have held my hands up as the lower thread reads.

25 Aug 2020 19:44:02
Think you need to not get so emotional on some things mate, also check what a fact is. You saying he was pissed and writing fact in capital letters after it, doesn’t give it any weight. Again, how can it be off the field antic reasons when as people have pointed out to you there are players in the squad with suspended jail sentences and such.

Please don’t resort to telling people what they think of someone when they are simply trying to present you with all the actual facts, and not the ones you are claiming to be.

25 Aug 2020 20:23:31
Chris I'm not getting emotional far from it to be honest infact I can't believe you are defending a drink driver and Maguire is now not in the squad because of his antics I guess Southgates wrong in that too? And please don't think I'm telling someone something because I'm not just for the record.



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