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22 Aug 2020 20:19:40
I hope I'm wrong but the lack of signings is a bit worrying. I hope we don't end up with 3rd or 4th choice options as signings.
Bet £20 with a wolves fan we wouldn't be relegated next season. Think I might be handing over the money come May time, if not sooner. I know we're not going to attract top European talent but all this talk of a new Sport Director and Shakespeare doesn't fill me with confidence.

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23 Aug 2020 00:56:13
Sound like you want to give him the money mate, do you have a protective cover on your mattress? Save you some money in the long run from all the bed wetting.

23 Aug 2020 01:46:21
Why can’t we get top players though? Wolves had champions league players come to them in the championship.

23 Aug 2020 09:23:45
Surely as a football fan and a Villa fan at that Tom you know the answer to your own question. Every man and there dog knows about the situation at Wolves.

23 Aug 2020 11:00:38
If Smith sticks with being a bit more defensive I think we'll be fine even without new signings. Our biggest failure at the start of the season was playing like a team always on the front foot and he has learnt a lesson just like Frank did with Brentford.

23 Aug 2020 12:28:53
I think that would be very risky, and would be playing into the hands of teams who are expansive and quick on the break.
I think we should get the offensive players we obviously need, and play the way Deano likes his teams to play.
Our defensive coaches and defenders then need to do their jobs properly, that is to keep it simple and defend.

23 Aug 2020 12:35:41
That’s a good point you make there rk. We conceded just 10 goals in 10 games after the restart, there weren’t many defenses tighter than that.
I think we’re capable of taking points off any team outside of the top 6 if we continue to play that way, and with the vast improvement that Luiz and Konsa have made coupled with the long awaited return of Heaton and Wesley, I think you’re right we would be fine.
That said, imagine what we could achieve if we were to have a clinical finisher and top drawer winger.

23 Aug 2020 22:08:12
Obviously the sooner we can get our attacking targets in the better, just might not be the disaster people expect if the business goes through late.
If we can average over a point per game while settling the new additions in by sticking with the game plan that eventually kept us up I have hope that we can push on and attack mid-table and above.



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