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21 Aug 2020 20:11:05

you keep saying I'm making assumption after assumption, what are you on about, Brentford HAVE quoted 55 million for watkins and bananarama, that's not a guess;that's a fact, doesn't mean we want to pay it, but still it's a fact, the roshica story is also true, he wants nothing to do with us,

but fair play his agent is using us to drum up interest, as for our scouting team and deano not exactly shining a light, today the story breaks of the ex man city defender (thst no-one knows) on a freebie who is blanking us to go to Turkish football, we should have known this because his agent has turned down teams from German and Italian leagues for days to get his move to Galatasary and I'm guessing champions league football,

and if it turns out their not even playing games champions league then that shows you how determined he is, and how much we can't read the signs, and need I also mentioned we keep signing players with 'potential', which again is true, I believe 2 in the last 10 days, but what's the point, we've been down this road for the last last 3 years at least, what matters is NOW,

so all I'm saying is forget potential, and bring in experienced players to steady the team and consolidate, with the virus 19 the prices of players has come down, surely anyone with half a brain would realise you'll get more bang for your buck this summer with value for money now, than at any other time for years to come, that's not an assumption, that's a fact, and as for assumptions Chris,

I'm assuming that deano can no longer blame suso or what his favourite tea mug tells him whom to buy, but sitting there waiting for Brentford to bring in players before we can pay through the nose for a striker and attacking winger/ false number nine who are not consistent and choke in the big games isn't the shrewdest plan for me, move on to new targets,

or does the fact he's holding on for the Brentford boys show he hasn't looked at other options enough, or is that an assumption on my part not understanding the genius of punting 55 million on ONLY 2 PLAYERS, yep that deano, unlike me, he must see the "potential "of those 2,whereas silly me, I'd make the assumption that for 55 million you could bring in at least 4-5 players who have proven premier league experience and I reckon would score more goals, and even with injuries,

we'd have more cover that if watkins or banarama got injured, and probably give our team more options with what style of football we play depending on the opposition, but that's another discussion, the main thing is the assumptions I've made are my point of view, and as is, everyone has their own point of view, but the bottom line I believe deano is assuming too much,

and we will suffer because of that,3 players we have made a point of trying to buy have ALL turned us down, coincidence or the fact their not impressed with our vision or ambition? how long will he wait, people are saying other clubs are not doing much business, I don't care about other clubs, the greatest manager in premier league history, SIR ALEX FERGUSON always got his business done as quickly as possible, and if a target dallied, he moved on,

because he realised the longer you wait, the more chance you could miss out;get the deals done so you can integrate them quicker and realise your best team, THAT'S A PROVEN POINT, so why can't we take leaf out of fergies' playbook, again it's not rocket science, but that's the difference, fergie learned, deano doesn't, and we'll pay the price again, and 1 question if anyone could tell me, WHAT is our style of play meant to be?

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21 Aug 2020 21:12:31
82, I’m curious, who exactly are these 4 or 5 players with Premier League experience that you reckon we could get for 55 million?

21 Aug 2020 21:50:03
82 I agree with some of what you are saying in that we need some premiership experience now and that at £55 million Benrahma and Watkins are overpriced, but I don’t think you can say we are not looking at other targets you only have to look at the press to see who we are linked with to know that our scouts are out there looking. As to the point re players not wanting to join us if they have the choice of joining us or a Champions League team nine times out of ten they are going to opt for that after all a lot of these players particularly the foreign guys have no idea re the stature or history associated with our club. The point re Alex Ferguson getting his business done early is by and large right but it’s a lot easier to do that when you have the stature and success that Utd we’re having at the time than what Villa are having now.
The other area where I disagree is where you say ignore potential it’s all about now I don’t think we can afford to do that, our youth academy has not produced enough homegrown talent we need to balance what we need now and what we need going forward, trying to reduce the reliance for massive transfer fees in the future is in my opinion key, whilst we all love the club our owners are in fact running a business.

21 Aug 2020 22:21:43
John mate, please don`t` tell me you are relying on the press.
That is the reason all our minds are pickled, it is nothing more than distorted information, and is designed to manipulate.
I am amazed why people still buy the paper, 95% of its content is absolute garbage and the sooner it is realised, the better for all.
My wife and I have not read a newspaper for 2 years or more, not even a headline.
I think again 82 has made some good observations, I love AV with a passion, but over the years I have witnessed a multitude of mistakes.
Unfortunately we are still making them.

21 Aug 2020 23:22:35
And there mark you’ve answered all of 82’s questions. He assumes you can get these players he wants for 55 million. because it suits his narrative. Then he assumes we aren’t in for certain players because again, suits his narrative. Usually a very negative one, some people love to moan, we’ve all met them. Shame it’s starting to fill up every post on here recently though.

You’ve written 9 paragraphs there 82, I haven’t got the patience to read them all, I’ve read 3 of them, in which you’ve told everyone that Villa haven’t looked abroad at targets, the three players we have tried to sign have rejected us and that we are linked with a freebie centre half who also apparently has no ambition because he’s signing for Galatasary who aren’t in the champions league. The phrase “all over the place” couldn’t suit you more, just as I’m writing this I see Alex Ferguson’s I dread to think how you’ve pulled him into that post.

21 Aug 2020 23:26:32
Dave not everything in the press is hyped some is and some isn’t and some (admittedly it might only be a few) do investigate before publishing. Re the multitude of mistakes made I wholeheartedly agree you only have to look at where we are to see that is the case, but I do think our current owners are making encouraging changes which will hopefully bear fruit in the coming years.

22 Aug 2020 07:11:52
So we got £55M to buy 4-5 players with prem experience instead of unproven Championship could be’s. I’d be looking at loans too

1. Isaac Hayden £10M

2. Tammy Abraham loan (fee £5M? )

3. Harry Wilson £20M

4. Chris Smalling £10M

5. Rhian Brewster loan (fee £1M)

Get rid of the deadwood that they’d replace and hopefully raise between £10-20M, add that to the £9M my list is short of £55M and be creative, apparently we’ve got £100M to spend so that gives you around £60M still to spend, spend so much of it on ‘potential’ the rest of it on whoever or keep it for January.

If the usual suspects are going to come at me saying why should we have players on loan to benefit their parent club? then think back to Tammy’s goals on loan that got us promoted, Reina giving us experience behind a shaky back 4, Baston cutting up the oranges and dishing out the Bovril drinks at half time, it all counts to us being in and staying in the Prem


22 Aug 2020 07:14:35
Your Elabdellaoui point actually proves Chris' point about assumptions. Nowhere has anyone actually confirmed Villa were the English club in for him, Just the agent saying that he turned down an English club.
Agents also like to say things that aren't true to make their players seem bigger than they are.

22 Aug 2020 07:54:00
If you notice Rk, he knows agents waffle and use teams to hype things up, he mentions it to do with Rashica. Just doesn’t fit what he’s trying to say to do with this random centre back so he chooses to ignore logic, but hey ho, don’t let facts get in the way of a good story aye.

22 Aug 2020 11:12:30
John I would not dispute for one minute, that our owners are doing a great job.
But good ambitious owners will not always stop mistakes being made, don`t forget they are trying to keep thousands of people happy, a mistake in my eyes might be a success in yours.
But your point on the press, they print stuff to sell papers mate, and nothing else, its adulterated fiction, If you believe it fine.
The only accurate announcements are the obituary`s.

22 Aug 2020 11:41:47
Dead right Dave 😁.

22 Aug 2020 13:01:47
Cheers Mark, I didn`t think you would be far off on that one mate.

22 Aug 2020 13:13:03
I hope I’m some way off being in an obituary mate 😂.

22 Aug 2020 13:34:26
Love it mate. 😂😂😂.



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