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20 Aug 2020 12:13:46
If we're after wingers, why not go for Ryan Kent and Harry Wilson? Would save a bit of money for strengthening other areas. They're better than what we've got, both on the edge of greatness imo, £40M or less would get them both, reading all the other links with players, I'd take Brewster too on loan, I know they're Liverpool/ ex Liverpool so they should have some kind of understanding so would hit the ground running, at the ridiculous prices quoted for the Brentford pair, only way I can see us buying them financially is if Jack goes, would rather Jack than them 2. Don't think the Rashica thing looks like happening now so we need to get creative, because of our final placing last season we ain't going to get sexy foreign signings unless it's for the high wages, so overall I'd be looking at domestic transfers, at least they'd know the history of our club and know with the mega rich owners we could go places, I think we'll survive this season, only way is up


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20 Aug 2020 18:17:14
Allyp, I think the domestic prices are also going sky high when Villa are mentioned as other clubs know how much we need to upgrade in certain area.
It doesn’t help us at all when we value Grealish so highly as the other clubs then bang up their prices to us.

20 Aug 2020 22:25:27
Didn’t a Celtic centre back have more goals and assists last season than Kent? Hardly on the cusp of greatness mate. Also Wilson was relegated, I’d definitely take him but he isn’t a world beater or even close to being one, struggles massively last season.

20 Aug 2020 22:54:20
Kent is nowhere near good enough for the prem. Wilson is great at set pieces but so is Connor, so don't think we'd be getting much of an upgrade for the outlay. Should look at Calvin Stengs from AZ Alkmaar can play wide or central attacking midfield. He'd cost about £15m.

21 Aug 2020 08:11:47
Allyp -on the money there with that post, every summer a tricky winger comes up on offer, we make an offer and what a surprise, he goes somewhere else, it's almost as if we're the straight man in a really crappie comedy routine, just there to stir the pot before the player moves somewhere else!

why aren't we going for Craig Dawson from Watford, all the experience you want, gritty attitude and a leader in defence, instead as usual we'll probably buy more players with 'potential 'when what our squad needs is experience, how come we didn't go for kendrick on a free, experience and the right age, that for me shows what an inexperienced, clueless manager and scouting team we have, last season we had no leader and the players needed someone who knew when to play, and when to put their foot on the ball.

it was obvious, during the last couple of weeks we should have been working double time behind the scenes, instead deano is waiting for Brentford to buy players to free up the 2 he wants that will probably cost the thick end of £55 million, and no the thing I hate to say is that both of them together won't score more than the likes of (I'm going to wash my mouth out with soap afterwards) troy deeney.

so what makes more sense, massive dough on 2 players, or pay tuppence to get in a player you can't stand but you know will do the business, a conundrum for sure, but staying up and spending wisely trumps refusing a potential deal that makes sense, now I'm off to wash my mouth out, keep the faith out there!

21 Aug 2020 09:06:47
82 your doing it again, assumption after assumption, believing everything you’ve read and what your told.

21 Aug 2020 10:26:12
I think if Brentford stick to wanting £30 million for Benrahma then I would look to take Wilson for about £15 million 7 goals in 31 premier stats isn’t a bad return and if he gets a similar return and we hold onto Jack that wouldn’t be a bad return from two of our midfielders. Interesting to read we are supposedly bidding £18 million for Watkins today which just happens to be the same amount as his supposed release clause so it will be interesting to see how that develops. Whilst I like Watkins I am not sure I would pay £25 million for a striker unproven at that level when proven premiership goal scorers are available for similar money.

{Ed002's Note - Brentford have been asking for £25M for Watkins form interested clubs. I cannot see them dropping below £20M.}

21 Aug 2020 11:05:43
Ed do you know anything about Watkins having a release clause in his contract? I have read a couple of press reports saying he has, and funnily enough it’s the £18 million we are supposedly going in at. If he hasn’t then at £25 million I would be inclined to look elsewhere.

{Ed002's Note - Such clauses are very rare in player contracts in England although it is possible there could be something that relates to "an acceptable offer above ...". Certainly there will be nothing which says a club can buy out his contract for £18M - otherwise one of the interested sides would have likely pushed. AV have an edge because of Dean Smith and an offer of something a little over £20M might get the transfer agreed.

21 Aug 2020 12:20:07
Cheers Ed.

21 Aug 2020 19:17:43
Exactly 82, last season shoulda been Cahill at the back on a free, I’d have taken Sturridge on a free even though it woulda been a risk because of injuries, &, imo, shoulda kept Whelan on for at least 1 more year, that would of saved at least £30M that we spent on players no better than them (Engels, Samaria, Nakamba) and all with no prem experience, that’s why I’m suggesting buying players domestically, am I wrong 🤷🏼‍♂️




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