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18 Aug 2020 17:02:56
3 Weeks 2 Days left before the season starts, and still nothing.
I would love to know why, everything is so bloody secretive.
To be patient is all well and good, we have no choice in the matter.
Villa fans are the Dads and Husbands at Christmas, we always end up with socks and underpants. 😂😂🤣🤣.

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18 Aug 2020 17:48:57
We still have lansbury so let's hope utd don't come knocking for him.

18 Aug 2020 18:44:01
What do you mean, I don`t see the relevance mate.

18 Aug 2020 18:53:48
VillaDave, you sound very pessimistic.
Think about the transfer process as a game of poker.
Bluff, bluff and bluff again, but never show your hand.
I am quite prepared to wait and trust our management.
What will be will be and whatever that is will never suit everyone.

18 Aug 2020 20:54:36
Aka, I am not a pessimistic person at all mate, just very black and white, and say things as I see them, I still kick stones in the road.
I can see things being a bit tight, that`s why I have mentioned it, a bit like putting sun cream on when you are already burnt.
We are very good at doing things in the most unconventional way, and I get the feeling, we are going to be fielding a side, that are as familiar with each other as Vladimir Putin and Ron Atkinson. 😁.

19 Aug 2020 08:23:37
Agree Dave, why be conventional, I mean, here we are being strongly linked with a benefica player called Franco cervi, now they have him classed as a winger/ midfielder, so I thought I'd take a look on YouTube at a 4 minute montage of his skills and goals, and do you know what Dave, he loves a nutmeg and a step over, but guess what, in all the 4 minutes not once is he shown delivering a good cross, or for that matter ANY CROSS, and that my friend says it all.

now I know it could just be another player who we actually don't want and it's bunkum, but if it is true, that would just about be right, get yourself a winger who's a show pony, but hey, don't worry about the lack of crossing the ball with defence splitting precision! -and just a quick thought, doucoure available for 25 million, a step up from drinkwater.

mmm, I wonder! -if we don't get our skates on and leave it till last knocking, we'll miss out because clubs won't sell us anyone because THEY won't have the time to get in a replacement, it's not bloody rocket science is it, but I'm sure our recruitment boys won't be caught with their trousers down again will they?

19 Aug 2020 08:52:03
All good things come to those who wait. It isn't going to be like last season signing a player ever other day some players are still playing and also some are still on holiday. With what's gone on this year you should all know it's going to take time sit back put your slippers on and light your pipes as the window don't close till October.

19 Aug 2020 09:18:20
I think it is all bluff and double bluff. I think they know who they are after and are spending their time getting them in. The bit that I would rather know is what's going on behind the scenes the other way. Are people like Mings, Mcginn etc being tapped up, who knows. Like Daz says it doesn't close till october and although we would like to see the new players bedded in with a pre season, that ain't going to happen this year as there is no pre season really.
PS Villadave I love my socks and pants at christmas.

19 Aug 2020 09:58:22
There hasn’t been a great deal of transfer activity in general. No less than 9 Premier league teams are yet to bring in new players.
It would be no great surprise if we start the season with more or less the same team that we finished last season with, and new recruits purchased or loaned are gradually introduced.
We did finish the season on a high note, so there should be a high degree of confidence throughout the team, so it might not necessarily be a bad thing. They may just carry that form through to the beginning of the new season.
Just a thought guys.



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