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16 Aug 2020 15:32:39
Are you crazy cats starting to see a trend here, the transfer silly season starts with us 'supposedly 'looking at origi, watkins, bananarama for big shackles, then we have the usual 'tricky' foreign winger rumour where he's in a dispute with his club but we can nab him before champion's league clubs realise our cunning plan, and quel surprise, as usual the price of players goes up, we get a rush of flatulence and then reality sets in, come on down obefami, now instead of battling the likes of lb leipzig and inter Milan, Roma and lazio, it's a straight shoot out with the tescos's carrier bags! -that's where we're at, yeah keep dreaming of us playing champions league, but alas it will be on your x-box or playstation, after all that's been 'learned' since last year, and with allegedly 100 million (more like 40 million) how come we can't attract the top calibre players?

-could say foreign players prefer London, the capital city buzz, maybe the money we offer is not enough, or more simply agents speak to other agents who have, or had players who went to us, or were loaned to us and they say what the reality is, and that is we're a great club to use as a stepping stone, or if you can't get a game and you want to put yourself in the shop window, or you fancy doing a 'drinkwater' -come to the villa and have yourself a holiday, don't worry if your unfit and can't be arsed, we'll loan you, no need to make an effort!

-that's the reality, that's our level, and whether you like it or not, agents know we're a soft touch, pay over the odds and don't give them a hard time, will we bring in an international superstar to show our intentions to the footballing world so agents want their players to come here to build a dream, NO, we're trying to bring in players 2 or 3 levels below that, and that is a failure of management, yep suso bit the bullet, but let's be honest, deano hardly excites potential players with his 'vision', and his road map for us is what exactly?,

the grealish saga will rumble on and IF he goes go, do we get headless chicken mode paying over the odds come the end of the window? -ands usual our scouting network is a cluster, remember when deano was offered the job with us and he said one of the preconditions was he has a big say in recruitment? -so he either lied or if true, he truly is kak at talent spotting,

the simple truth is we'll never be taken seriously again by rivals or agents until we bring in a manager of standing, that may not sound just or fair, but it's true, so I'll be over the moon if the likes of roshica comes, but if he does, I guarantee his contract will have a break clause about how many games he must play minimum, and the abandon ship clause for if we end up in relegation strife again, so prepare yourselves for links to more 'fringe' players than a barber, and missing out on deals unless we start robbing banks to pay over the odds, so come on boys and girls, join in with the new hero chant for the terraces -"that obefami, he's joined our army, so people say he's barmy, but he just laughs and eats some more salamami' etc, etc, etc.

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16 Aug 2020 16:18:49
82, at no stage has Villa ever confirmed or denied these reports. It is all paper talk especially the Bham Mail.
I suggest you sit back, make yourself comfortable, calm down and wait to see what happens and only then make positive or derogatory comments once you really know the facts.

16 Aug 2020 16:52:22
That's a hell of a post 82 (or is it Tolstoy? )
Anyway, you're right, linked with big money, headline grabbing signings but the reality is very different. Not unlike most other clubs I guess.
This window will be make or break for Smith though, that is certain.

16 Aug 2020 17:29:01
82 you believe way too much of what you read in the papers, you was given a brain, please use it. Never read so much waffle in my life.

From your post, if we sign one of Watkins, Benrahma, Rashica or Origi, it proves this post was utter rubbish. Not the first time you’ve put something like this and ended up looking the fool, the stuff in our final 5 games was particularly funny when we ended up pulling the results out to stay in the prem😂 hoping for another laugh with this one👍😂.

16 Aug 2020 18:58:39
Another good post 82, again I agree with some of it, and disagree with some it.
You have hit on some topics that get up all our backs mate.

16 Aug 2020 20:15:42
I think we need to accept certain realities of our current situation however unpalatable they may be. Whilst once a big club at present we are not one, and whilst we have the capacity to be one again that is going to take time together with a good deal of patience on our part there will be bumps in the road but since our new owners have been in place they have got more right than wrong. The recent changes are again in my view positive steps in the right direction.
As far as transfers are concerned, whilst we might not like the situation players will regrettably see our club as a stepping stone to bigger ones however that is not new it has been the situation for a number of years you only have to look at the sales Dwight Yorke, Ashley Young, Gareth Barry, James Milner to see that. However of itself that isn’t necessarily a bad thing particularly if you command top dollar for the player, and you get your youth set up and recruitment right which places a great emphasis on Johan Lange so we will have to wait and see how that turns out.
As far as Jack is concerned I think the club is in a good place he has 3 years left on his contract we are under no pressure to sell but if he wants to go and we get £80 million for him provided I isn’t during the last week of the window then my view would be let him go and re invest the club will survive without him.

17 Aug 2020 11:33:19
Cheers fellas for all those points of view, and I guess the expression hoping for the best but preparing for less springs to mind, and if we buy well and I'm as usual wrong, it's a win win for me, i just hope we get our skates on and it doesn't end up last knockings before we start trying to recruit., but deano may surprise us one way or another, BUT, if he signs drinkwater on loan or permanently then all bets are off.

17 Aug 2020 13:32:39
82 your hearts in the right place but just a little bit of patience and faith. If he signs Drinkwater on a permanent then we riot😂.

18 Aug 2020 14:26:26
ChrisAVFC-if I didn't know any better then I'd swear there was a touch of a pompey supporter there in that reply at the end-lol!



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