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05 Aug 2020 08:49:24
Theres got to be better players out there than Benrahma. I mean the price being quoted is around 20-30 Million. For me I think he is too similar to Jack apart from the falling over his laces bit surely we can tempt some overseas players for less than him. I watched him closely last night and this season and for me he is a tad how can I put it up his own arris but that is just my personal opinion remind you of anyone?

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05 Aug 2020 09:50:33
Daz I accept he had a bad day at the office last night but they all have them from time to time I think he has proved himself at championship level over a couple of seasons now he deserves the chance in the prem much like Jarrod Bowen and I think we missed an opportunity there I think if Benrahma goes elsewhere we will rue missing him for a second time.
With regards to overseas recruitment we tried that last season and it was in my opinion a spectacular failure players from abroad or at least the ones we target seem to struggle to make the transition to the premiership we can’t afford that this time round.

05 Aug 2020 11:18:19
I get what your saying John but can we afford to have 2 players of the same quality in the same team in quality I mean of similar playing styles and with regards overseas players John last season we had to have a complete overall losing loan players and letting players go we had to spend our money on average players abroad John. Now we are in a better position than the last 4 years as we don't have any loan players and the players we bought can be sold at a better price hence why I believe we can afford to spend 20 mill on a better player than Benrahma but I'm not going to insult your intelligence mate as you are most probably aware of this anyway.

05 Aug 2020 12:11:17
Daz all about opinions mate and at the end of the day whoever we buy as long as it makes the team better who cares who it S 😁.

05 Aug 2020 14:32:14
It does seem a lot of money for Benrahma considering he only has Championship experience. Would he be as effective against better defenders, he did appear to struggle against Fulham.
One player that keeps coming back in my mind is Gerard Deulofeu of Watford who looked terrific playing down the left flank before his injury. He has proved he can cut it at Premier League level and may just prove to be cheaper than Benrahma. He is versatile too in that he can play anywhere along the frontline. If he has recovered well from his injury, he may just prove to be a safer bet.

05 Aug 2020 16:13:18
I’d forgotten about Deulofeu if I am honest, and a decent shout so I wouldn’t be to upset if we signed him but he is another one that blows hot and cold some days brilliant other days anonymous but I guess that’s what you often get with wide men. I don’t think he would come in much cheaper than Benrahma though if I am honest.

I know Benrahma was distinctly average last night but over the course of the last 2 seasons he and Jarrod Bowen were the stand out wide players in the championship so I don’t think we should pay too much attention to one bad performance. I think he deserves his chance in the top flight and I think he will be a hit whether it’s with us or someone else remains to be. seen.



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