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25 Jul 2020 13:40:57
An interesting story my irish side of the family all support united they owned a bar in new york and i got a call before school one morning and my older cousin says dwight yorke is signing for man u i was like yeh whatever then he says hold on. then a rather carribean sounding gentleman came to the phone and said its true i'm so sorry.

Well you can imagine who was on the line, rather pissed i might add and old dwighty told me all about how he was signing for united and he was really sorry. I pleaded with him i begged him but he still said he was going.

i struggled to believe i had just spoken to my favourite player who told me he was off to sign for the mancs i had a crap day at school but still wasn't believing what had happened. sure enough a week later the judas went to man united and i was left seething that i hadnt asked someone to put a bet on for me at least i could've made some money out of him the git.

Hey ho 🤦🏻‍♂️ Any other interesting stories of you guys meeting players? I also ran on the pitch when we beat arsenal to go to the league cup final aet i ran straight up to ugo and shook his giant shovel hand best day ever! Until we went on to win it!

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25 Jul 2020 14:54:43
I met Mark Kinsella in SuperMacs (an Irish McDonald's rip off) at 3am one Saturday night - He was playing for Villa at the time and I had a few beers in me so decided to approach but he was chatting to some attractive young women and didn't give me much time - can't really blame him!

Met God aka Mr McGrath in Dublin airport one day as well, he stopped and talked to a load of us at our gate for 10 minutes - Legend!

Finally, I was coming back from Australia and landed in Linden - I had literally not slept for 42 hours and was staggering to my gate with my Aston Villa backpack on when Martin O'Neill walked by, the then manager, with a big grin on his face! I was too tired to say anything :-)

25 Jul 2020 18:48:14
Yeah, one night back in 1980`s, I pissed on Pat Van Den Hauwe`s shoes at Faces night club five ways.
I was standing next to him chatting in the toilets, and he was bragging he was a pro with Small Heath, he was such an arrogant mouthy git, I gave him the impression I was really impressed, so I did the only decent thing I could think of in my excitement, and that was to piss on his shoes.
Unless he is reading this he was none the wiser.

25 Jul 2020 19:16:40
We we on a football tournament in Minehead with my sons football team with Mark Cooper and his son Charlie. Mark never used to drink so one night us and the lads asked him if he just wanted a little shot to celebrate our kids getting to the final about 15 shots later the poor man is doing the most embarrassing Dads dance on the dance floor ever needless to say his head was sore the next morning. We went to his 40th birthday bash and who was there but the brilliant Norman Hunter just to name a few he is God Father to Mark and the things he was telling me was unbelievable with Terry Cooper who in my opinion is one of Englands greatest full backs. Mark was also on the touchline with the kids again when he was manager of Tamworth being interviewed by Sky Sports after they beat a league side in the FA Cup I was next to him when Terry told me to do something while he was being interviewed so I did and decided to do a moony to him how he held it I don't know he had to look away when Terry decided to spank me oh happy days.

25 Jul 2020 19:25:57
I also clattered Paul Tait playing football over the Glebe playing fields and sent Nigel Spink the wrong way in a charity football match I winked at him and he called me a cheeky Fuxxer I was 19 at the time. Also met Matt le Tissier at a charity football event and Martin Keown at a Ronald McDonald house event ugly as in real life but a very fascinating man.

26 Jul 2020 08:00:47
I got ‘legged’ once by Julian Dicks 😂 he was just breaking through into the Nose’s 1st team and was helping to coach at CCC club in Chelmsley, me and my ‘posse’ were shouting some abuse at him, then he went after us, luckily pace wasn’t 1 of his strengths 😂.



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