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29 Apr 2020 15:59:43
Sorry to hear that some on here have been affected by, this terrible Covid19 .
Just noticed that Germany are looking to, tighten restriction again . Their figures have gone up since they, slackened restrictions.
This I should imagine, will give them the push, to cancel their league. If they cancel, it will surely give our FA the excuse they need . With the FA the main problem is Sky and Sky's main problem is money, they don't like loosing it .
Watched the interview last night, with UAFA main medical officer . Don't know if you saw it, but he was adamant that, at the moment it isn't correct to to restart .
Well let's hope we can all come out of the other end of this and have that start of season pint . 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.

{Ed002's Note - It is not an FA issue. It is being discussed again tomorrow.}

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29 Apr 2020 17:30:21
Judging by today's figures this lockdown will not be ending soon especially seeing as Germany, after easing it, have seen figures rise again so more testing times ahead. Football and sport in general should not be exempt from this until it is deemed safe for everyone involved. If this means the pocket filling money men and players on their obscene wages take a hit, tough! Join the rest of the world who struggle every day even when things were normal. FA UEFA FIFA whoever make the correct decision and cancel full stop, don't be driven by £ make the move before you're told by government and maybe salvage what little is left of your credibility before the working class people who fund your gravy train lose patience, faith and love of the game altogether.

29 Apr 2020 17:51:54
I do wonder how many players would be that keen on a restart, knowing the risks involved. I think if I was in that position particularly if I had family to think about, I would be praying for the season to be cancelled.

29 Apr 2020 18:25:55
Agree totally Moose, like I said yesterday, France grew a pair, we should do the same.
Don`t pratt about, cancel it now, if it means we go down, so be it.
Health is paramount here, not wealth.

29 Apr 2020 18:36:36
Exactly Mark, that is what I am saying mate.
I am as transparent as you can get, why are people scared to make a decisions anymore.

29 Apr 2020 18:36:50
That would make a great slogan Dave " health not wealth" trouble is can't really have a protest while in lockdown 😫.



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