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26 Apr 2020 13:57:20
I'd take dyche in a heart beat much better than deano who is a championship manager at best and really should of been sacked by Xmas really it would be dyche, poch, rafa, warnock, keane if deano gets the chop.

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27 Apr 2020 21:28:22
Poch rafa Dyche in that order. Other 2 no chance. You can't be serious surly.

27 Apr 2020 22:29:40
He probably is serious and don't call him "shirley" 😁.

28 Apr 2020 03:26:12
Why not warnock or keane warnock is a good manager and keane would be perfect for me says it how it's and doesn't take any crap, my top 3 would be poch, dyche, rafa,

28 Apr 2020 10:26:59
Personally 4eva I think, with today's pampered players, managers who speak their mind and are capable of having a bit of a blowout have pretty much had their day. As Jack Nicholson once said " you want the truth? You can't handle the truth! " I'd like it to be like that again when managers had the power but alas that's not how things roll now, too many cooks and all that. Poch would be good but outside our villa world could he be sold the project? Maybe depends how high we want to reach. As for Deano I still think patience is needed, but that's just my view. All good managers had learning curves and successes and failures along the way except maybe a few who due to right place right time had instant success but those will be coveted by the elite which sadly we're not at the moment. We'll just have to see whether lessons have been learnt during the lockdown if its apparent it hasn't maybe then pull the trigger but the way things are at the moment a new manager would have little time or opportunity to assess and adapt.

28 Apr 2020 12:09:12
I’m in total agreement Moose, the age of the “a##e kicker”,
is over. If you look at Klopp and Guardiola you see strong characters, for sure, but they both have a strong rapport with their players. You can see that their players look up to them and want to give their maximum.
This is Dean Smith’s first season in the premier league and he will of learnt a huge amount. I honestly think the team that won promotion was stronger than the one we have now. Look at the players on loan we had and lost, Abraham, Snodgrass and Tuanzebe, look at the experience we lost in Hutton, Whelan and Jedinak. Those players have largely been replaced with players who have potential, it was always going to be a long shot that they would all hit the ground running, especially in the premier league. Did we honestly think we were going to take the premier league by storm?
The owners are thinking long term, not quick fix, and I think they accept that it will not be a smooth road.
They are investing in youth and developing the Academy which I personally think is the way forward.
I am not saying that Dean Smith is the man to drive the owners’ concept forward but I do think he should be given the chance. I said in a previous post that Dyche wasn’t immediately successful in the Prem., but Burnley stuck with him and it paid off. Dyche learnt from his experiences
and became a better manager, I think given the chance Dean Smith could do the same.

28 Apr 2020 12:26:51
I think if Chelsea hadn't of had the transfer ban and United were a bit less reticent of giving a relatively novice manager money to spend then we would probably have signed both abraham and tuenzebe so much more consistency in terms of squad and team. Think maybe 1 of the 3 experienced players we let go, probably more Jedinak or Whelan we would of been better served in terms of experience and influence within the team, not saying they'd of played regularly but they'd of known how to close out games and with their age and lack of genuine athleticism would of just sat in front of the back 4 and offered more protection and also a calmer head and instructed those around them.



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