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21 Apr 2020 09:54:36
With the slightly BS report we may be back in for Gollini and his rise since leaving us plus the success of players like Veretout, Gueye, Amavi and Traore do you think that maybe the so called "moneyball " approach may have its merits? Its just that with the craving for instant success and players hitting the ground running a bit more patience from club and supporters alike may be needed. Its the same with young players coming through the ranks patience is key. Maybe a slightly more measured approach would be better ie maybe 2-3 being integrated together. I know we needed a squad overhaul but a more measured approach in future may pay dividends as we've let quite a few go who've gone on to prove their worth.

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21 Apr 2020 12:04:44
I have been advocating this for years on here Moose, but have always been met with constant opposition.
I think a measured approach will probably be more evident in future, but we were in some way forced to take the action we did.
Villa fans are notorious for their impatience, and for their, we want, we want attitude, its laughable.

21 Apr 2020 12:26:23
It's an instant success or nothing industry Dave imagine if at your place of work they adopted the same attitude? You'd be looking for a new job every couple of weeks πŸ€”.

21 Apr 2020 12:49:28
Had we not gone down, I’m sure those talented Frenchmen would still be with us now and we would be reaping the benefits. Talented as they were though, they just weren’t ready for the rigours and the pace of the premier league. I think most of us thought Idrissa Gueye was the pick of the bunch, and so it has proved, a hit at Everton and now a regular for PSG. I would imagine his value is in excess of 50 million now.
It was the wrong approach at the time bringing them all in at once, but as I said, had we stayed up, the risk probably would have paid off. Hopefully the lessons have been learnt and as you say, that a more measured approach is adopted, with an introduction of two or three youngsters and maybe a few players with experience who could help those younger players to integrate into the 1st team environment. Patience, as we keep saying, will be the key.
We don’t have a divine right to be a top side, we need to adopt the right policies and progressively work hard at it. If it takes another 5 or 6 years, does it matter if we eventually achieve our goal. The longer you wait for something the sweeter it is when it happens. We are a work in progress, enjoy watching the team develop.

21 Apr 2020 13:03:30
One thing about being a villa fan Mark is it may be frustrating at times but it's very rarely dull πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and on a side note we're hoping McGinn coming back would of made a difference but he's just lost 1-5 against Neal Maupay in the FIFApro tournament. Cue the meltdown of McGinn and Smith out pmsl.

21 Apr 2020 12:58:17
Agree Mark, what does it matter if it takes 5-6 years, a few fits and starts along the way, that is always going to happen, and should be acceptable.

21 Apr 2020 13:24:19
I read that it was 6-1 πŸ˜‚.

21 Apr 2020 13:57:48
You're right must of blinked and missed the last 1 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ void the season now 😁.

22 Apr 2020 06:35:22
Just another selection mistake by Deano (obviously joking) . Mcginn himself said he was crap at FIFA.
Konsa was apparently pretty tidy in the previous "event" so why not him or even Jack who seems to play quite a bit.

22 Apr 2020 11:59:34
I totally agree around fans needing to show patience I only hope that that extends to the manager as well as the players.

22 Apr 2020 08:17:03
Jack couldn't play as he's been a very naughty boy and sent to his room with no supper or wi-fi to " have a good long think about your actions young man " in his paw patrol pyjamas πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

22 Apr 2020 18:27:08
Lol. I can just imagine his punishment being "no Playstation for a week" πŸ˜‚.

22 Apr 2020 21:34:54
Well because of coronavirus people are trying to stop his pocket money! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.



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